Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Camp bentzon

Have you been to Kawau island before? Well all the year 6’s went on a exciting  trip to Kawau island. Everybody excited and some people missing their family, leaving to catch the bus people were so excited.

We catched the bus and it was soo boring, after we went on an exciting ferry trip. We finally got to our destination and we had to get all the suitcases and  bags I’ve got to say THAT WAS SO TIRING! Once we got there  we had to go up KILLER HILL!

Day 2! That was the most fun day we had our first activity! It was the Confidence course, and all we had to do was climb and hug ya mamma.  Then we had orienteering, it was kind of fun but not when we had to go up the hill because my dad thought there was something up there and the worst thing is… There was nothing there! The activities we did was … concourse, orienteering, abseiling and much more.

The next day we had a lot more activities and we had all the wet stuff like… kayaking, sailing, raft building and bivouac. It was so fun! I wish i could stay there forever!

I would like to thank my mum (Shirley penu) and my dad ( Lee penu) because they both took their time out for me and my cousin and volunteered to help out. I would also like to thank peter and erin because without them we wouldn’t be able to go to kawau island and they were paying for most of our fees because if we payed the whole payment that would cost $390 dollars but we only paid $95.

I enjoyed abseiling because I overcame my fears and I thought I wasn’t scared of heights but when I looked down I was scared! I learnt how to sail and I thought it was pretty easy but some people said it was hard.

Task description: this is my camp bentzon recount.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

EXT how drums make sound

how drums work by naomi from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

task description: this is my EXT ( extension) work and this animation is all about drums and how they work. well what i mean is how they make sound. we had to finish this in 5 weeks! and it was hard, I even made my own garage band sound track.

Athletics day

Athletics day is a day full of activities and in those activities you get placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd of how far you throw or how fast you are. Athletics is a fun day and we have a variety of games to play and after lunch the fast people from each house color races in a relay. House colors are colors that you are put into and race or get points for that team.

If you want to read more click this link: Here

Task description: This task is an athletics thank you writing and if you click on the link you can see that the introduction has a thank you for all the supporters and helpers. My teacher decided to do this because he thought it would be a good idea to appreciate the people who volunteered to help us. also this writing has some paragraphs about athletics and what it is about.