Saturday, 1 July 2017

Farewell Daisy

On Wednesday had to say "farewell" to my close friend. she was so amazing,funny and cool. I was so sad and she was too. We really got sad when we saw the video That I made it was for her, It has people like our group of friends teachers and others. Video:<iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>. she is leaving Pt England school to go to another school in Christchurch.  we are really gonna miss her, and also sorry you might not know her name because I have not told you her name is Daisy. here is her blog:

Here are some photos of us. ( press the link)


  1. Hi Naomi
    It was lovely to see this tribute you have made for Daisy. Isn't it wonderful that thanks to technology you will be able to stay connected and even keep sharing your learning with her! Here's hoping this is only temporary and she comes back soon :)

  2. So sad to see one of your close friends leave, Daisy was such a great friend to you, as you were to her.

  3. Hi naomi
    I loved this video it made me cry so much! I hope I could at least visit to come see you and the girls. I hope we could meet in the future to. But anyways keep in touch with me on mail!