Thursday, 30 June 2016

Naomi superhero (Rebel)

Walt: plan stories with a complete orientation, problem, and resolution

Character Description:
Rebel is actually a good superhero even though her name is like a villain name. She has the power to fly and to shoot ropes out of her hands to trip bad guys so they can’t run away from her and her last power is to teleport so she can go anywhere at anytime.

As Rebel laid in her bed with a big bowl of ice cream she thought to herself “I feel a little bit bored”. So Rebel raced to her closet got her uniform and got ready. She went outside and flew to auckland city to see if there were any trouble happening at that second.  

That instant Rebel heard an alarm it was coming from the Auckland bank. The evil villain DR Roberts was robbing the bank and everybody was so scared so they ran outside. So Rebel flew down and tried to catch DR Robert  but he was to fast for Rebel. So Rebel used her teleportation to get to the bank and evacuate the people inside.

After getting  the people out of the bank she used her teleportation to get closer to Dr Roberts but then she had nothing to fight with. Then a second later Rebel Just remembered that she had powers to shoot ropes out of her hands. So she shot a rope to tie Dr Roberts feet so he can fall. She teleport-ed to Dr Roberts and got the stolen money from him then returned it to the bank.

So then Rebel was walking to the supermarket when she got a call from the prime minister John key he wanted to reward Rebel. He wanted to reward her for catching Dr Roberts and returning the money that was stolen from him too and also evacuating the harmless people in the bank . So she got a medal for the best superhero in Auckland, New Zealand.

After saving the day Rebel received her medal as she waved goodbye flying in the air. Rebel was so tired she  went straight home laid in her bed with her big bowl of ice cream and waited for the next day to arrive.

Task Description: This task is a writing to match my superhero art for the art gallery next week at Pt England school Auckland,New Zealand. My writing is about a superhero named Rebel but she is made up by me.  Why we are doing at is to match our theme for this term it is (as i see it).

Thursday, 23 June 2016

My maori warrior

His heart was pounding as the giant moa chased after him. He felt like he couldn’t move his legs. But luckily he  managed to escape the moa. In the cold forest the Maori warrior still heard the moas voice screeching loudly.  The warrior had interesting tattoos covering his body. His clothes were made with only leaves and feathers. Soon he became so tired and went to sleep on the forest floor.

In the morning the warrior was woken up by a familiar sound. It was the moa. “How did it find me?” he said. It had followed his footprints and used its sense of smell. Once again the warrior ran through the forest. Looking back he could see that the moa was getting closer and closer. His heart was pounding like never before. Running for his life he took a big breath of air before he jumped off a cliff and into the ocean.

Landing in the ocean the warrior struggled to get back to shore. As he stepped out of the water he found some leaves and dried himself clean. But the leaves were poisonous! “OH no!” he screamed before he fainted. After several hours, the warrior woke up to find several moa surrounding him. He felt frightened and quickly stood up. He tried running left, right, up and down but he kept on getting knocked to the middle by the moa.

Suddenly the warrior realised that he was surrounded by mother nature. He thought to himself “I should fight back!”. At that instant the warrior ran to a tree and broke down a sharp branch and started to point it at the moa. He swung the branch like a taiaha. But the warrior only killed one moa. The rest ran back into the forest. The warrior was lucky to survive.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Naomi Writing

Walt: write a setting description. task description: what I had to do for this presentation I had to write what I think what it looks like. also for this presentation I had to write a lot so please don't judge of how much I wrote.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

My fun day with my niece

Today was really fun, the first thing I did was I woke up and had breakfast it was McDonalds. OOOHH fast food. After we got breakfast we went home had showers and went to my niece Serena birthday party. It was so fun we got to play game, eat and got to see Serena open her gifts.
Thank you for reading my blog please make sure to comment and hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Monster character descriptions

Task description: This presentation is all about how we describe characters. Also we had to make up how we think what these monsters personality and what do they look like.

Friday, 10 June 2016

40 hour famine writing

I am taking part in this years 40 hour famine and I am in the yellow team with one the edge person and one of the smash person as my team leader. Why we are doing this is to donate for the people in Syria and we had to do the 20 hour famine because we are only kids in primary. What i've been up to so far is just playing in the hall, playing basketball, and doing karaoke, my favourite part was when we had to do our group item my team came last but who cares it was only year 5's creating the dance and one year 8 dancing with us.

Superhero writing

In a peaceful village iron man was relaxing until he got a phone call from his teammates, he got a call saying “ Iron man we need you quick the ultron’s have invaded earth. Oh No how could this happen. Iron man rushed to his closet grabbed his suit and got quickly dressed. Racing out to the city iron man saw heaps of spaceships. “ Avengers Assemble” Hawk eye said.

“ We need to get the people away from the spaceships and the ultron robots” scarlet said, Pow hawk eye shot from his arrow hitting the robots. “ quicksilver use your super-speed to wrap the robots together” captain america said with a loud voice. They all raced to the spaceships and tried to destroy the ultron’s. The ultron’s were so slow so the avengers had to go to the next bunch.

“ There are too much robots do you think we can defeat them all” captain america said frighteningly . They had no choice but to use their secret ability it is to use all of their powers at the same time and put it all into Thor's hammer. “ It is too dangerous we might die” black widow said with a frown.  “ it’s our only hope” hawk-eye said “ OK let's do it” scarlet said.

So they all did it and put their powers into Thor's hammer, BOOM!! The ground was shaking.  Thor hit the ground with his hammer he tried his best. It was so foggy they couldn't see if the robots were defeated or not. They look around and they saw no robots just defeated ones that are on the ground. “YAY we did it without dieing” black widow said.

“Let’s celebrate on me” thor said happily, they all went to the acade “oh no some kid got his hands stuck in the bowling ball. “ I will get the butter” captain america said then they all laughed” hahahaha”. So they all lived with joy after defeating the robots. THE END

Thursday, 9 June 2016

descriptive writing

Naomi Problem Solving Practice Term 2 Wk 5

Task description: what I did was to do this presentation but before I did this i had to know what i had to do. then I had to go on this presentation and do my work. I struggled at first but I worked it out in my maths book now I solved it and I am pretty sure with my answer.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Mr Goodwin's new car

Walt: write a what you imagin mr goodwin's car look's like
Description of the car

RMMM RMMM Mr Goodwin's new car is grey like the clouds at night and it can connect Mr G’s music from his phone without any cords, it also has 5 seats with a tv at the top and has 4 cup holders 2 in the front and 2 at the back. It is tall as a  tree and can go 75 mph and has a cool boot with heaps of messy stuff in there but it can hold 5 fold up chairs and 2 suitcases. His car is subaru and it cost $2,785 and it is not a rip off if it has a tv in it.

The story of the car

As I was strolling through Glen Innes I saw the coolest car in the universe,  even though we live in a cheap suburb. I’ve always wanted to buy a new car as grey as clouds, hey wake up wake up
Oh it was just a dream. “No it’s not it is real you are looking at my new car i brought it was not cheap,  it’s your teacher the one who has BIG muscles do you remember me?

Yes of course the dude who teaches me in class with the big muscles bigger then Mr Moran’s. “May I show off”,said Mr G. I said,”SURE”. I tell him to give me 2 seconds “Yeah”,He said. I turn around and make a Jealousy face. “ Wow “ this is the coolest car ever “ Mr can you pick me up and drop me off from school every day now” i said “ i would love to but you're too smelly to put in the car”.

Task description: what i had to do was first i had to use my imagination to describe how i thought Mr Goodwin's car. Then we played a little game Mr Goodwin did not tell us the name but it was so fun. What we played was a writing game we had to get in to a group of three and had to write a sentence each on our Chromebook then change laptops.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Naomi superhero story

On a peaceful day with the birds chirping the sun shining iron man was relaxing on his day off. Then suddenly he hears an unpeaceful sound “ I wonder what that sound was” iron man said. It was kids screaming! But Why? iron man thought,  he looked outside his window and the robots have come from a spaceship .

“ They are going to destroy Pt England school” iron man said with a deep angry voice, with a blink of an eye iron man raced to the school and finds a lot of robots. Iron man tried to call the avengers for help but they were on another mission they were getting hulk's head out of the tuba again. “ What I guess it's just me then” iron man said.

BOOM!! BASH!! KA-POW! Iron man took three robots down, ok now i have to get the kids out of the classes iron man thought WOOOO the fire alarm went off to get the kids quickly moving. “Now that the kids are gone me and the robots can destroy you and the school” the leader of the robots said.

RING RING The avengers called they got hulk's head out of the tuba and now they can fight with him” avengers assemble”. Boom!! “ HULK SMASH” Hulk took down 30 of the robots  now 113 to go. POW!! BASH!! BANG!! BOOM!! WHAM!! They destroyed 87 robots now 26 to go “I got this” hulk said “Hulk Smash” he destroyed all of the robots.

But there was still one more it was the leader he was strong, huge and undefeatable. Trying their best their was nothing to do except for one thing “it is to dangerous” said black widow, “it’s our only hope” said thor. “ fine but if we die then the robot is going to destroy everyone” said black widow.

They all huddled up using everyone’s power putting it all in thor’s hammer. They did anything to help the poor kids. “Thor throw it” said Clint barton. With all thor’s power he threw his hammer to the huge robot to destroy him. “ He is destroyed Yay we did it without getting killed.   

YAY!! They defeated them Ok now we have to fix the school. After building the school it looked brand new. The Avengers replaced all of the devices and the students  did a big thank you to the avengers and especially Iron man for hearing us and saving us. After a hard day of work they all celebrated at the arcade. OH No a kid got stuck in a claw machine. Hahaha The END