Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Mr Goodwin's new car

Walt: write a what you imagin mr goodwin's car look's like
Description of the car

RMMM RMMM Mr Goodwin's new car is grey like the clouds at night and it can connect Mr G’s music from his phone without any cords, it also has 5 seats with a tv at the top and has 4 cup holders 2 in the front and 2 at the back. It is tall as a  tree and can go 75 mph and has a cool boot with heaps of messy stuff in there but it can hold 5 fold up chairs and 2 suitcases. His car is subaru and it cost $2,785 and it is not a rip off if it has a tv in it.

The story of the car

As I was strolling through Glen Innes I saw the coolest car in the universe,  even though we live in a cheap suburb. I’ve always wanted to buy a new car as grey as clouds, hey wake up wake up
Oh it was just a dream. “No it’s not it is real you are looking at my new car i brought it was not cheap,  it’s your teacher the one who has BIG muscles do you remember me?

Yes of course the dude who teaches me in class with the big muscles bigger then Mr Moran’s. “May I show off”,said Mr G. I said,”SURE”. I tell him to give me 2 seconds “Yeah”,He said. I turn around and make a Jealousy face. “ Wow “ this is the coolest car ever “ Mr can you pick me up and drop me off from school every day now” i said “ i would love to but you're too smelly to put in the car”.

Task description: what i had to do was first i had to use my imagination to describe how i thought Mr Goodwin's car. Then we played a little game Mr Goodwin did not tell us the name but it was so fun. What we played was a writing game we had to get in to a group of three and had to write a sentence each on our Chromebook then change laptops.

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