Thursday, 29 October 2015

Non stop cricket

On a freeze cold day room 11&12 played a game called Non stop cricket. When we got to the slippery grass we started playing Non stop cricket. Rm 11 was batting & Rm 12 was Fielding.
While we were playing our bodies got warm because we were sprinting back & forth. While me and my team were playing we were gasping for breath. One of the boys team were sneaky because instead of running back & forth there batter had their legs wide open and moved their hands back & forth but not their legs
                             batting & fielding
When it was my turn to bat, I said ’’ YAY’’. As I was batting I hit the ball Amazingly far. When it was my class's turn to field I got 5 or 4 tennis balls. I had so much fun sprinting for the ball I slipped when I bended over to get the ball.

 I had the best time playing Non stop cricket. After playing Non stop cricket we lined up in two lines and went back to class.


Athletics activity's

Today on a sunny day The whole of team 3 went outside to do athletic activities. We got to play 3 activities and my class Rm 11 played gumboot throw first, 2nd we played basketball and 3rd we played the sack race. At the athletic activities after every activity someone rings the bell and then we move on to the next activity clockwise.  

                       Gumboot throw
In the gumboot throw we got a tennis ball, a sock, a bean bag, a green heavy ball, and a wooden ball. We got put into teams and each team gets to pick any objects out of those 5 things. In the gumboot throw  we threw our first ball and  had to choose another ball that we did not choose before.

When we heard the bell ring all of Rm 11 Said ’’YAY’’ because we were going to play basketball. When we got to the courts we got put into 2 teams and had to shoot the ball into one hoop. My team got most basketballs in the hoop. The  other team had the ball and Amelia went to go throw the ball in the hoop and she got the ball stuck on the side and we tried to get it out with the other ball and did.

                                   Sack race
The last activity we did was the sack race we got split into 6 groups. In my team was Chastity, Hinerangi and Me one of us had to go twice because we had 3 people and some other teams had four. I was gasping for breath when I went twice. In the sack race Amelia was like a spring bouncing up and down and further and further as she went.


It was fun playing The activity`s I felt happy and tired at the same time. My favourite part was when Amelia got the ball stuck on the side of the hoop.