Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Naomi Auckland museum trip

On Friday room 11/12 went to the Auckland Museum and saw lots of cool stuff. We went there to learn about dinosaurs but there were so much things we wanted to go see that. On the way there we were singing heaps of maori songs.

When we got there all of us said ’’YAY’’ and they were so excited to get off the bus into the Museum. I was trying to get off the bus but I had to wait and wait and wait after everybody pasted. After getting off the bus we went on the opposite side of the Museum to the field looking for our group.  

My favorite part was going into the classroom and we got to hold dinosaurs stuff. The first thing we held was a T-rex tooth and the 2nd thing we held looked like Triceratops poo and we smelt it and it smelt like chocolate. After smelling the poopoo we had to present what we had it was so funny julianna was holding it and said ’’this is poo’’ and our whole group started laughing.

My 2nd favorite part was maori court It was funny because a maori person tried to scare us his pukana.   

Here is the triceratops

Screenshot 2015-12-09 at 9.41.33 AM.png

Monday, 7 December 2015

Lolie Raptor

What is a loli raptor? well a loli raptor is a dinosaur that loves lollies but he eats meat for dinner and heaps of lollies for desert. It was a dinosaur that lived in the late cretaceous period. The name loile raptor means loile robber so it robs other dinosaurs lollies.

paragraph 1:features-body parts
Standing only on two legs (biped),amor on his back, club tail, sharp teeth and little hands.

paragraph 2:habitat
The lollie raptor habitat was mostly the forest because that's where most of the dinosaurs. Where it lived was south america. Also lived 65 million years ago.

paragraph 3:
its diet was meat and lollies because he loved eating lollies he would sleep all day and hunt all night. He would hunt all night because all of the other dinosaurs will be sleeping then he can steal other dinosaurs lollies.


Lollie raptor was a fast,stealing,mean dinosaur.  

Thursday, 3 December 2015

digging for fossils

Hi my name is Naomi and I am a paleontologist.  We know dinosaurs existed because fossils tell us information such as; what they looked like, what they ate and when they lived.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Naomi Ankylosaurs

The Ankylosaurs was the hardest dinosaurs to kill that lived in late cretaceous period 65 million years ago and was a herbivore. The Ankylosaurs also lived in south america. The meaning of Ankylosaurs is stiff lizard and The Ankylosaurs is a herbivore.

A Ankylosaurs has horns on its back and on its head too. Ankylosaurs was also toothless and eyelids that are bony plates. It also a quadruped, and has a club tail like a sledgehammer and is a slow walker.

How the Ankylosaurs protects itself is when a dinosaur is trying to eat him the Ankylosaurs whacks him with his club tail. It even has amour so when it crouches down its spikes face its enemy.


Thursday, 29 October 2015

Non stop cricket

On a freeze cold day room 11&12 played a game called Non stop cricket. When we got to the slippery grass we started playing Non stop cricket. Rm 11 was batting & Rm 12 was Fielding.
While we were playing our bodies got warm because we were sprinting back & forth. While me and my team were playing we were gasping for breath. One of the boys team were sneaky because instead of running back & forth there batter had their legs wide open and moved their hands back & forth but not their legs
                             batting & fielding
When it was my turn to bat, I said ’’ YAY’’. As I was batting I hit the ball Amazingly far. When it was my class's turn to field I got 5 or 4 tennis balls. I had so much fun sprinting for the ball I slipped when I bended over to get the ball.

 I had the best time playing Non stop cricket. After playing Non stop cricket we lined up in two lines and went back to class.


Athletics activity's

Today on a sunny day The whole of team 3 went outside to do athletic activities. We got to play 3 activities and my class Rm 11 played gumboot throw first, 2nd we played basketball and 3rd we played the sack race. At the athletic activities after every activity someone rings the bell and then we move on to the next activity clockwise.  

                       Gumboot throw
In the gumboot throw we got a tennis ball, a sock, a bean bag, a green heavy ball, and a wooden ball. We got put into teams and each team gets to pick any objects out of those 5 things. In the gumboot throw  we threw our first ball and  had to choose another ball that we did not choose before.

When we heard the bell ring all of Rm 11 Said ’’YAY’’ because we were going to play basketball. When we got to the courts we got put into 2 teams and had to shoot the ball into one hoop. My team got most basketballs in the hoop. The  other team had the ball and Amelia went to go throw the ball in the hoop and she got the ball stuck on the side and we tried to get it out with the other ball and did.

                                   Sack race
The last activity we did was the sack race we got split into 6 groups. In my team was Chastity, Hinerangi and Me one of us had to go twice because we had 3 people and some other teams had four. I was gasping for breath when I went twice. In the sack race Amelia was like a spring bouncing up and down and further and further as she went.


It was fun playing The activity`s I felt happy and tired at the same time. My favourite part was when Amelia got the ball stuck on the side of the hoop.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

better work stories

My aspiration for the future is a policewoman. I want to be a policewoman because i want to help people when they're in danger. I also want to be a policewoman so if someone needs my help I can be there.

What does a policewoman do?
A police woman or man’s job depends on what job they are doing. There are two parts of the job like they could be at the jail or they are in the police car to see if someone is stealing, speed driving or getting there dog to sniff the bad guys pocket to see if they are stealing drugs.

What equipment and clothes does a policewoman need.

A policewoman wears a navy blue uniform on the two parts of the job. They also have to wear a equipment belt so they can get there things fast. Policewoman's wear police hat, a police belt and a police badge.

How can you become this?
You can become a policewoman after university or and have good grades at  college. You can become a policewoman by applying for the job and getting an interview with the boss then they will give you a cv. When you’ve filled it out the boss will read it and see if you got the job or not.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cross Country

On Monday Pt England school had cross country after lunch. Before lunch we had to get changed into our house colours. When the bell rang we lined up at our class getting ready to go to the court to get the instructions from Mr Burt and Mrs Va'afusuaga.

As soon as we sat down on the hard rocks we had to wait for the years 1’s, 2’s and 3’s. Next Mr Burt called up the year 4 girls. When we got on the field I was nervous. Slam! went the clapper all of the girls sprinted off. We all wanted to come first.

When we ran all of the girls were muddy and drained out of energy. There were heaps of people cheering for the year 4 girls. When we sprinted a lot of girls were in front of me but plenty of girls were at the back of me too.

I felt nervous, excited and happy. When we ran my heart was pounding but in an exciting way. The place that I came in was 6th and I am proud of what I came.



Friday, 28 August 2015

Naomi A kiwi sport coach


INTRODUCTION. (What is a Kiwisport coach?)
A kiwi sport coach goes all over places to teach kids sports and how to be fit.

A kiwi sport coach teaches different sports and also teaches different school. They also have to know the sports they are teaching or they will not know what to do. A kiwi sport coach teaches different skills to do in the game or to run faster.   

A kiwi sport coach wears different clothes depending on what sport they are teaching. A kiwi sport coach takes a whistle, a ball, cones, and lily pads.  

To become a kiwi sport coach you have to do  coaching modules and train hard. After your courses then you get an interview with the boss or manager  then they will give you a cv and you have to fill it out. When you give your cv later on they will tell you if you got the job or not.    

A kiwi sport coach needs to know different skills that goes with their sport they are teaching. The sort of person you need to be is enthusiastic, organized,trained, patient and kind. You need to be enthusiastic so the kids won't be bored they also need to be organized so the kids wouldn't be waiting to long and also last but not least kind so they won’t be yelling at the kids.


I think a kiwi sport coach is a good job because you can run a lot.    

Thursday, 27 August 2015


We read a story called Superhero We had to write a newspaper article about how Zac the main character was a hero.

July  28, 2015

Yesterday Zac Moran saved his two year old neighbour Penny Worth. How Zac saved Penny was that she sneaked onto the motor way.Her mother did not see her go when she went onto the motor way and no one saw her. She might have got run over but Zac Moran came to the rescue.

       Do you think he should get a medal?
                  comment down below
                 yes      or        no

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

zoo map

                                              here is my zoo map for my elephant whisperer  

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

My subtracing



As a Firefighter you have to be brave strong and fire smart you also have to work in a team. You also have to be confident to go into a fire and save people. You have to be able to do all those things and you can save a person.   

        What firefighters do

Firefighters have a challenging job because they extinguish fires from people's house. Firefighters also risk their lives for us and they even educate people.

      What does a firefighter's work involve                 
Firefighters work involves going to the gym so they can get stronger. They also get educated to learn how to be a firefighter.They all learn varied things in all different ways and they all have to work together in a team.

                              What firefighters wear
What firefighters wear is a turn out suit. They also wear boots with special rubber so it can survive the fire. They wear an oxygen tank so they can breathe in the fire and firefighters wear a helmet with a shield that protects their  face.

                         How to become a firefighter
You have to be brave to become a firefighter. Then you have to volunteer and they will educate you. You will also train and then sit a physical fitness test. Then you will get interviewed to see if you're good enough to be a firefighter.



Thursday, 2 July 2015

Naomi Miss Thompson

We will miss you Miss Thompson and have fun at your new school.

Naomi term 2 mario

press play to watch my movie.

Naomi Term 2 Mario from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Naomi Matariki

Matariki is the maori new year and it is about the seven stars and they are all sisters and the biggest star is the oldest star and her name is Matariki. The other thing about Matariki is that heaps of people celebrate on that week or night and sometimes they can see the seven stars up in the sky.

One Story of the Origins of Matariki

Papatuanuku the earth mother and Ranginui the sky father they were together and tane mahuta separated them to bring light so all of his brothers.

how to see Matariki

you can see Matariki in late May and early June. You can see Matariki in the northeast horizon
and in half an hour before dawn.

Maori New Year - Traditional Celebrations
As the sun rises there will be a whole lot of things like kumara potato and cabbage. As you will be calmed there will be preparation for you ahead and time of remembrance.


Naomi kapa haka

Last friday My school Junior kapa haka group performed at assembly we had to sit at the back row of the hall and we could not see because of the seniors.  Mr burt called us and we had to take off our shoes when we were getting on the stage.  

we were excited  I was a little bit scared at first but then I smiled and had fun. We sang a haka and a waiata a waiata is a song our haka was called toia mai and our song was rona.

When we finished we beled and we went off the stage and went back to our seats and put our shoes on. Our leader was whea saffron and whea patty and her brother.After Kapa haka we carried on watching assembly.

                                The End  

Friday, 19 June 2015

Naomi Lighthouse

On a dull starless night there was a treacherous headland  below  the treacherous land there was a  village  with people celebrating in their cosy cottages . They were celebrating about a wedding.  

there was a lighthouse made out of old stones. In the lighthouse there was a lighthouse keeper in there.

The solitary man was working by a candle and he got annoyed by the villagers celebrating. While the Lighthouse keeper  was annoyed  he heard an unusual clanking noise from above him.

he went up stairs. The solitary man checked what was the  clunking noise when he went up stairs he brought his lantern with him and check the giant light bulb and it was broken.

The solitary man was not  lucky because a ship was coming  and it could not see without the light. The solitary man was worried  that he said ’’OH NO’’  the ship is coming and was going to crash into the village the solitary man went down stairs and opened the door to warn the villagers. The villagers were walking to the lighthouse with their lanterns. When the villagers came to the door with their lanterns  then and  they all went up stairs and they all  pretended to be the giant light and protect the village from the ship crashing the village.

Friday, 5 June 2015

My Netball game

On Thursday pt England school Netball teams went to there Game my netball team was called the All stars. The All stars coach is Diana and our manager is Norelle.

Shooting passing and throwing also bouncing we always practice even when some of the other  schools are playing on half  court we practice shooting the ball in the hoop so we get a lot of scores.

File:Netball League.jpg

Friday, 29 May 2015

Naomi and Daisy marshmallow

On a cloudy starless night there was a solitary boy roasting marshmallows on a sizzling fire. You could see the orange glow while hearing   the lake gently lapping on the shore.  He  was in the forest  but in a spot that  did not have any tall and towering  trees surrounding him.

Suddenly a big monster  came  quietly sneaking behind Jimmy while  he  was still roasting his marshmallows.  Jimmy heard  a horrible growling noise and looked at the back of him. He got scared because he saw the scary monster.It had   

Trying to defend himself Jimmy held out his marshmallow  on a stick  out like a sword to protect himself. As quick as lighting  the monster stretched his tongue out and gulped up the marshmallow in one slurp. The monster transformed into a nice monster and performed tricks  like a puppy to get more marshmallows.      

when Jimmy ran he stumbled to his pillow and  defended himself it with.When Jimmy held the pillow up the monster thought that the pillow was a big marshmallow .

As Jimmy had the pillow the big fat monster  thought that the pillow was marshmallow heaven   

Jimmy gasped. He had found out that he had the last marshmallow. Oh!no! Cautiously Jimmy slowly held out his marshmallow then the monster slurped  up it with his long pink tongue.Then the boy ran away  the the monster tried   to  roast the pillow then the pillow puffed into ashes.

My problem solving

Naomi the switch

A solitary man came strolling along eating his yummy food that he had just finished  . The solitary man was called  Mr Bean he was content while he was eating his food.

When he finished his food he realized  there was some food on his tie.  mr bean  rubbed it off by licking his hands and wiping his tie. unexpectedly a white box  came out of no where. The box  hit mr bean on the head and he felt so angry the box hit him on the head

Mr bean glanced  around  and  saw a towering pile of white boxes. Then he saw a grey box below the towering pile of boxes then he  tried to push the grey box and  nothing happened .  

while mr Bean glanced around  he was confused  because he didn't know where that box came from . Mr bean tried  to hop on the grey box  then he had a idea and climbed  on the towering pile of boxes and jumped  on the grey box.

As Mr Bean jumped off the towering boxes he landed on the ground . He realized  there was a little red button. He hesitated  then he said  ‘‘I wonder what does this button does?’’  Throwing caution to the wind  Mr Bean  pushed the red button.
When Mr Bean pushed the red button suddenly the grey box started  spinning  around and around  and around . Unexpectedly the grey box sucked in Mr Beans tie and Mr Bean tried to pull it out but his tie ripped . While the grey box sucked Mr Beans tie Mr Beans leg got sucked as well as his body.

As the grey box sucked up mr Bean he transformed into a box. The box was covered with ripped ties all around  it then became an plain  white box.      

                                       The End

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Base Beach Ball

We read an article about beach balls, which are balls made out of sticks, seaweed and seagrass you find at the beach. our task was to create a game you could play at the beach with these grass balls. here is my game.


1) sticks
2) grass beach balls
3) sand
4) people

The aim is to try and hit the beach ball as far as you can hit then you try to run to all of the bases and run back home.

Are there different positions there are positions there are first base and 2nd base and 3rd  base and home base. What are the rules the rules  you are not allowed to skip bases and not allowed to hit people How does the game start it starts when you hit the ball and try to run to all of the bases and try to run to home base if you don’t make it home you have to stay on the base that you landed on.

Screenshot 2015-05-20 at 8.54.51 AM.png

Friday, 1 May 2015

Dawn parade


At the dawn parade there were a thousands of people at the Auckland museum. While everyone stood still the old soldiers came marching through up to museum with there poppies  and medals. The dawn service was for the old soldiers that fought for us. it was before the rising of the sun came up.     The Mayor of Auckland recited a poem while the thousands of people in the crowd listened respectfully in remembrance.Next the Mayor laid a wreath.

There was a old man that played a bugle and it was called the last post. Thousands of people stood silently while dawn was breaking.

The ANZAC parade was held on the 25th of april ANZAC day. It was an important day to remember the day the people that died for our freedom.

Friday, 24 April 2015

my immersion assembly

While class 11 and 12 were walking into the hall we saw people baking with marshmallows and pancakes. When we sat down a drone appeared and it was spinning  around and around it looked cool and the drone was controlled by Mr Burt `s phone. While Mr Burt was talking the people that were baking were giving the snacks that they made. Team 5 came marching through the hall and there boots made a loud stomping noise. When the soldiers stood up straight and tall they saluted to their leader. Mrs Tela was bellowing her to her soldiers and asking them questions. My favourite team was team 3 and team 4. Team 3 was teaching us what we can do when it is a raining lunch time. What I liked about team 4 was they were fighting and my favourite part was when Mr Somerville jumped over the red box it was funny because he didn't jump over it properly. How I felt about the Immersion assembly I felt happy and I am looking forward to be  seeing how can team 5 make things better.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

making kazoos with mr blakey

today room 11 was with mr blakey and we made kazoos the materials that we used is paper, rubber bands and popsicle stick

Friday, 3 April 2015

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everybody I hope you have a happy happy easter and I hope you have a great day having heaps of chocolate. 

Tuesday, 31 March 2015


last year on friday point England went for a picnic at the point. At the picnic it was really fun and it was sort of a cloudy day but it was amazing.My favourite thing at the point was playing touch with my dad. When we were playing touch we were laughing and having fun and I nearly got a try but I got touched.My 2nd favourite thing was the karaoke sit. I  was with Myizque While I was waiting patiently it was our turn to go on and we were both I felt I was happy.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Monday, 9 March 2015

My word cloud

this is my word cloud about having my very own Chomebook to help me learn, create and share