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As a Firefighter you have to be brave strong and fire smart you also have to work in a team. You also have to be confident to go into a fire and save people. You have to be able to do all those things and you can save a person.   

        What firefighters do

Firefighters have a challenging job because they extinguish fires from people's house. Firefighters also risk their lives for us and they even educate people.

      What does a firefighter's work involve                 
Firefighters work involves going to the gym so they can get stronger. They also get educated to learn how to be a firefighter.They all learn varied things in all different ways and they all have to work together in a team.

                              What firefighters wear
What firefighters wear is a turn out suit. They also wear boots with special rubber so it can survive the fire. They wear an oxygen tank so they can breathe in the fire and firefighters wear a helmet with a shield that protects their  face.

                         How to become a firefighter
You have to be brave to become a firefighter. Then you have to volunteer and they will educate you. You will also train and then sit a physical fitness test. Then you will get interviewed to see if you're good enough to be a firefighter.



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