Tuesday, 19 December 2017

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Activity 2: The Right to Vote
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At the turn of the century, New Zealand elected its first ever government. Richard John Seddon served as the leader of the Liberal Party from 1893-1906. Prior to 1893, only men were legally allowed to vote. This all changed in the late 1800s when a woman named Kate Sheppard lead a suffragist movement in New Zealand calling for a change in law. Her hard work finally paid off when the Electoral Act was passed into law on 19 September 1893, giving women the right to vote. New Zealand was the first country to give all women the right to vote. There were still countries in the world (e.g. Saudi Arabia) who, until recently, did not allow women to vote.

On your blog tell us what you think about the fact that women were not allowed to vote in Saudi Arabia until 2015. Is it fair? Why or why not?
I think that women should have the same rights as men. I think that it is really unfair to women if they couldn't vote because their rights matter as well as men. I think that saudi arabia should have let women vote ever since because everybody has an opinion and everyones opinions matter.
task description: this task is about women not being allowed to vote and I have a whole paragraph showing why they should and how I am disagreeing with women not being allowed to be voting until 2015.


  1. Hey there Naomi, I like the way you have inserted lines to make a clear difference between your answer and the question - it's really helpful!

    I completely agree with you Naomi, women and men should have the same rights. You're right everyone's opinion does matter and they all deserve to be valued and listened to.

    2015 is such a recent time as well. You would think that Saudi Arabia should have similar ideas about everyone voting to the rest of the world!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Greetings there Naomi,

    My name is Aletheia and I am one of the students from Tamaki Primary School also doing the summer learning journey.
    Great Job on completing another task from the summer learning journey.

    I totally agree with you that women should have the right to vote because how they are part of that country and they can vote for what is best to.

    I love your picture that you put on your blog that says Women's RIGHTS are Humans RIGHTS which is right and we should all be proud for the women who had stepped up which was Kate Sheppard.