Friday, 29 May 2015

Naomi and Daisy marshmallow

On a cloudy starless night there was a solitary boy roasting marshmallows on a sizzling fire. You could see the orange glow while hearing   the lake gently lapping on the shore.  He  was in the forest  but in a spot that  did not have any tall and towering  trees surrounding him.

Suddenly a big monster  came  quietly sneaking behind Jimmy while  he  was still roasting his marshmallows.  Jimmy heard  a horrible growling noise and looked at the back of him. He got scared because he saw the scary monster.It had   

Trying to defend himself Jimmy held out his marshmallow  on a stick  out like a sword to protect himself. As quick as lighting  the monster stretched his tongue out and gulped up the marshmallow in one slurp. The monster transformed into a nice monster and performed tricks  like a puppy to get more marshmallows.      

when Jimmy ran he stumbled to his pillow and  defended himself it with.When Jimmy held the pillow up the monster thought that the pillow was a big marshmallow .

As Jimmy had the pillow the big fat monster  thought that the pillow was marshmallow heaven   

Jimmy gasped. He had found out that he had the last marshmallow. Oh!no! Cautiously Jimmy slowly held out his marshmallow then the monster slurped  up it with his long pink tongue.Then the boy ran away  the the monster tried   to  roast the pillow then the pillow puffed into ashes.

My problem solving

Naomi the switch

A solitary man came strolling along eating his yummy food that he had just finished  . The solitary man was called  Mr Bean he was content while he was eating his food.

When he finished his food he realized  there was some food on his tie.  mr bean  rubbed it off by licking his hands and wiping his tie. unexpectedly a white box  came out of no where. The box  hit mr bean on the head and he felt so angry the box hit him on the head

Mr bean glanced  around  and  saw a towering pile of white boxes. Then he saw a grey box below the towering pile of boxes then he  tried to push the grey box and  nothing happened .  

while mr Bean glanced around  he was confused  because he didn't know where that box came from . Mr bean tried  to hop on the grey box  then he had a idea and climbed  on the towering pile of boxes and jumped  on the grey box.

As Mr Bean jumped off the towering boxes he landed on the ground . He realized  there was a little red button. He hesitated  then he said  ‘‘I wonder what does this button does?’’  Throwing caution to the wind  Mr Bean  pushed the red button.
When Mr Bean pushed the red button suddenly the grey box started  spinning  around and around  and around . Unexpectedly the grey box sucked in Mr Beans tie and Mr Bean tried to pull it out but his tie ripped . While the grey box sucked Mr Beans tie Mr Beans leg got sucked as well as his body.

As the grey box sucked up mr Bean he transformed into a box. The box was covered with ripped ties all around  it then became an plain  white box.      

                                       The End

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Base Beach Ball

We read an article about beach balls, which are balls made out of sticks, seaweed and seagrass you find at the beach. our task was to create a game you could play at the beach with these grass balls. here is my game.


1) sticks
2) grass beach balls
3) sand
4) people

The aim is to try and hit the beach ball as far as you can hit then you try to run to all of the bases and run back home.

Are there different positions there are positions there are first base and 2nd base and 3rd  base and home base. What are the rules the rules  you are not allowed to skip bases and not allowed to hit people How does the game start it starts when you hit the ball and try to run to all of the bases and try to run to home base if you don’t make it home you have to stay on the base that you landed on.

Screenshot 2015-05-20 at 8.54.51 AM.png

Friday, 1 May 2015

Dawn parade


At the dawn parade there were a thousands of people at the Auckland museum. While everyone stood still the old soldiers came marching through up to museum with there poppies  and medals. The dawn service was for the old soldiers that fought for us. it was before the rising of the sun came up.     The Mayor of Auckland recited a poem while the thousands of people in the crowd listened respectfully in remembrance.Next the Mayor laid a wreath.

There was a old man that played a bugle and it was called the last post. Thousands of people stood silently while dawn was breaking.

The ANZAC parade was held on the 25th of april ANZAC day. It was an important day to remember the day the people that died for our freedom.