Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Day 1 bonus activity SLJ

Bonus Activity: In Flanders Fields

As the new century dawned, New Zealanders settled into a period of relative calm. The calm lasted for about 15 years but came to a sudden end in 1914 when World War I erupted in Europe. The war lasted for almost five years and claimed the lives of 18,000 New Zealanders.

It also claimed the lives of thousands of men and women from countries around the world. Every year, we remember these brave men and women on ANZAC Day (25 April). Many people go to a special Anzac Day ceremony where they read a special poem that was written for the fallen soldiers. The poem is called ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae.

Read the poem. On your blog, tell us what you think of the poem. Do you like it? How does it make you feel?

It makes me feel very lucky to live in a beautiful, safe country like New Zealand. It also makes me feel sad for those who died in the war and for their families. I think that we are very lucky that they went to war and fought for our freedom. What do you think?

I think that the poem was good and meaningful it makes me feel very lucky that we have people brave enough to risk their lives for us. but also it makes me feel sad because of all the people risking their lives for us and I think their family's would have been sad that their loved one has pasted but have pasted for a good reason.
Task description: This is my bonus task and it is about anzac and about this poem. The poem is about the people who risked their lives for us and I have all the information in the paragraph that I just wrote.

day 1 activity2 WK 2 SLJ

Activity 2: The Right to Vote
Image result for women rights
At the turn of the century, New Zealand elected its first ever government. Richard John Seddon served as the leader of the Liberal Party from 1893-1906. Prior to 1893, only men were legally allowed to vote. This all changed in the late 1800s when a woman named Kate Sheppard lead a suffragist movement in New Zealand calling for a change in law. Her hard work finally paid off when the Electoral Act was passed into law on 19 September 1893, giving women the right to vote. New Zealand was the first country to give all women the right to vote. There were still countries in the world (e.g. Saudi Arabia) who, until recently, did not allow women to vote.

On your blog tell us what you think about the fact that women were not allowed to vote in Saudi Arabia until 2015. Is it fair? Why or why not?
I think that women should have the same rights as men. I think that it is really unfair to women if they couldn't vote because their rights matter as well as men. I think that saudi arabia should have let women vote ever since because everybody has an opinion and everyones opinions matter.
task description: this task is about women not being allowed to vote and I have a whole paragraph showing why they should and how I am disagreeing with women not being allowed to be voting until 2015.

Day 1 SLJ WK 2

Day 1: The Early Years (Late 1800s – 1919)

Activity 1: St Joseph’s Cathedral
At the turn of the century, there was a great deal of construction happening in New Zealand. Many of the new British settlers wanted to build homes and community meeting places, such as churches. One of the largest buildings to be constructed during this period was St Joseph’s Cathedral in Dunedin.

St Joseph’s Cathedral is just one of hundreds of beautiful cathedrals around the world.

Use your search engine to find a picture of another famous cathedral. Post a picture of the cathedral on your blog. Underneath the picture tell us: the name of the cathedral, where the cathedral is located, when it was built, and how long it took to build:
this is the notre Dame cathedral and was built in 1163 I don't know when it was done but it was open in 1345. it is 69 metres (226 ft) tall It is in paris, france. It is frances most famous landmarks and many people visit it each year.
Task description: This task is all about cathedrals and I picked Notre dame de paris. just above you can see all the information I put on their about the cathedral. I said how tall it is when people started building it and when those people finished and opened the cathedral. 

Saturday, 16 December 2017

SLJ WK 1 activity's 1,2 and bonus

Week One: In the Beginning (1800-1870)
Cool Kiwi Fact #1: Did you know that the Māori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa? Loosely translated this means ‘land of the long white cloud.’
Day 1: Arriving in New Zealand…
Activity 1: The First Settlers
It is widely believed that the first people to arrive in New Zealand came from Polynesia. Most historians believe that they landed in New Zealand over 700 years ago. Although they were originally from many different countries, these settlers learned to live together and, eventually, formed their own distinct culture known as ‘Māori.’  Māori have their own language, traditions, and culture.
Follow this link to read a short story about a famous man in Māori mythology – Maui. On your blog, post three facts that you learned about this interesting man. What other stories have you heard about Maui?

3 facts about maui: 1 Maui is a culture hero, Not just from new zealand and the maori culture but a lot like hawaii and more. 2 I think he was originally from New Zealand and then the myth spread. 3maui always believed in his own chocies and never gave up that is why he is a hero and made New Zealand( aotearoa) with his fish.
Activity 2: Setting Sail

The first settlers to come to New Zealand must have been really brave! They had to leave their original homes and sail thousands of miles across the ocean on a special boat called a ‘waka’ to reach New Zealand.

Imagine that you were on board one of the wakas. On your blog, write a short letter to a friend telling them about your voyage to New Zealand. In the letter be sure to tell them how you feel about moving to a new country. If it was me, I would have felt really nervous…
Bonus Activity: Waka Ama
To this day, the people of New Zealand still use waka. Instead of using their waka to transport them from one place to another, they sometimes use waka in special events and in sporting competitions such as Waka Ama. Both boys and girls compete in Waka Ama boat races.

Watch this short video of a Waka Ama race. On your blog tell us whether you would like to be in a Waka Ama race one day. Why or why not?


I would want to be in waka ama because I want to know how it feels when the settlers came to New Zealand. I also want to do waka ama because I want to see how far we could make it and fast fast we are. I was actually invited to do waka ama but my other sports were clashing.
Task description: This task is for the summer learning journey and I just finished week one so I can just enjoy the rest of my week. the 1st activity is about the first settlers that came to New Zealand and I had to give 3 facts about Maui. the 2nd activity is about writing a letter to a friend and I wrote it to my whole family I had to write about how I would feel if I was on a voyage to New Zealand or going to a new country. the 3rd activity is about waka ama and I had to write a short paragraph of if i wanted to be in waka ama or not and I said yes.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Final post for 2017 ( from school)

Today is the last we get to have our chrome-books at school for 2017. I have enjoyed my experience through out year 6  I really enjoyed Mr Goodwin as my literacy and maths teacher for 2 years. My favorite part of this year is probably year 6 camp (Kawau island). I also enjoyed the cricket experience because it was really funny and I used all of my descriptive words into my writing. Next year it is going to be exciting and scary because we are meeting a new teacher and we learn more and more hard work.  Here is a picture of year 6:

Task description: This task is all about this year and what I enjoyed and what I am looking forward to. This picture is of us at camp ( year 6 camp).

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Hour of code

Today we got to hangout with OMG tech they talked to us about coding and how we do it. they also said that in the future there is going to be a lot more technology in the future because we know how to code and we might make some new tech. I just finished playing Minecraft Hour of code. if you want to play it here is the link: click me. special thanks to Zoey and the OMG tech crew.  as you can see here I have a photo of my certificate and if you finish this task you get a certificate.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Camp bentzon

Have you been to Kawau island before? Well all the year 6’s went on a exciting  trip to Kawau island. Everybody excited and some people missing their family, leaving to catch the bus people were so excited.

We catched the bus and it was soo boring, after we went on an exciting ferry trip. We finally got to our destination and we had to get all the suitcases and  bags I’ve got to say THAT WAS SO TIRING! Once we got there  we had to go up KILLER HILL!

Day 2! That was the most fun day we had our first activity! It was the Confidence course, and all we had to do was climb and hug ya mamma.  Then we had orienteering, it was kind of fun but not when we had to go up the hill because my dad thought there was something up there and the worst thing is… There was nothing there! The activities we did was … concourse, orienteering, abseiling and much more.

The next day we had a lot more activities and we had all the wet stuff like… kayaking, sailing, raft building and bivouac. It was so fun! I wish i could stay there forever!

I would like to thank my mum (Shirley penu) and my dad ( Lee penu) because they both took their time out for me and my cousin and volunteered to help out. I would also like to thank peter and erin because without them we wouldn’t be able to go to kawau island and they were paying for most of our fees because if we payed the whole payment that would cost $390 dollars but we only paid $95.

I enjoyed abseiling because I overcame my fears and I thought I wasn’t scared of heights but when I looked down I was scared! I learnt how to sail and I thought it was pretty easy but some people said it was hard.

Task description: this is my camp bentzon recount.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

EXT how drums make sound

how drums work by naomi from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

task description: this is my EXT ( extension) work and this animation is all about drums and how they work. well what i mean is how they make sound. we had to finish this in 5 weeks! and it was hard, I even made my own garage band sound track.

Athletics day

Athletics day is a day full of activities and in those activities you get placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd of how far you throw or how fast you are. Athletics is a fun day and we have a variety of games to play and after lunch the fast people from each house color races in a relay. House colors are colors that you are put into and race or get points for that team.

If you want to read more click this link: Here

Task description: This task is an athletics thank you writing and if you click on the link you can see that the introduction has a thank you for all the supporters and helpers. My teacher decided to do this because he thought it would be a good idea to appreciate the people who volunteered to help us. also this writing has some paragraphs about athletics and what it is about.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Making harmonica

Task description: this is my harmonica writing. It is all about us making harmonicas and maybe next week we might make another instrument. it has information of what a harmonica is and how to make your own harmonica.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

EXT Animation ( Planet Magaculas)

My Movie 6 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Task description: this is a redo of my ither animation because I decided to put more information to get a higher score on my rubric. at the end I have how the people on magaculas adapt.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Time table test

immersion assembly

Walt :use adjectives to improve our descriptive writing.

What is Musical madness? Well, if that’s what you're wondering,  that’s what I’m going to explain to you. Musical madness is our music term theme for this  term ( the last term of the year).  I think it’s going to be fun!

his term our theme is Musical madness is all about music...of course! But in the immersion assembly  other teams were performing and showing movies, those movies show what they are going to do this term. I bet they're having fun already. From hearing the school theme I knew it was all about music and believe it or not I love music!

If you want to read my whole story click this link right here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hY0Wun-_CrfIAdCAhzb05tgs8k7OSnF1ILOn5_oEEOk/edit

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Stick figures

So today I am doing the holiday blogging and today it is all about stick figures. what we are trying to do is draw some stick figures doing a variety of things like running, swimming and all kinds of thing. I thought I might draw a stick figure that is running because I like running. Here is a photo:
Task description: as you can tell the first paragraph very much covers what the task is. But as I said before we are doing stick figures because it is for the holiday blogging comp.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

How to make a google form

 Task description: this is how to make a google form/ quiz. It took quite the time but it will all be worth it after the holidays.. I hope. So if you want to make a quiz for your friends and family Please check out this presentation and I hope it gives you the information you need

Google form ( survey)

This is a screenshot of the responses of my google form. If you are wondering , this is for My holiday blogging not just for fun. It was really fun making it and from all the people filling it out I think they enjoyed it too. It had a range of options to choose from and the form was all about what they liked.
Task description: this is A google form and 9 people responded. As I said before this was really fun making this and some of My friends said that it was really cool and really made them think what they liked.  so this is a task for my holiday blogging comp for team 4.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Playing monopoly!

Task description: so Me and my cousin trendy decided that we wanted something else to do. because we were kind of bored so then me and her went to the lounge and got out the monopoly of course I didn't record the whole thing because that would take forever. so I just have a short video to show you.


Task description: so this task was a holiday blogging task set up by My teacher (MR Goodwin). what he does is sets up a range of activity's and we have to do the tasks. It is just like we are at school. but this task is all about origami and it has some origami in it and some interesting facts.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

EXT Paideia seminar

Inline image 4On Tuesday the year 5&6 Extension group had a paideia seminar, It was our 3rd one this year! The topic we had to talk about was "Is being civilise such a good thing". Our Paideia seminar began and Amira was first to speak. I think that I could do better on the next seminar because this seminar was kind of hard because I didn't know when to talk and the topic was kind of hard to me. I only spoke 5 or 6 times but I think that is a good thing some people only talked once or twice. I was really nervous because i thought My answer was going to be wrong but then I remembered that there are no right or wrong answers in the paideia seminar. Luckily I was prepared with a paragraph that I wrote about what civilisation means to me. overall I think that i did good and I think I did better than term one and maybe Just the same as term 2's Paideia seminar.

Task description: This is my reflection of my term 3 Extension Paideia seminar. It has my feelings and has what I did and what I could do better. I think I did really good and I hope I do better next time. 

Alien description

 Task description: This is My alien description presentation and it is all about me describing what the alien looks like. it is also trying to help me use descriptive writing.

Star dome

Have you been to stardome? Well Me and my classmates went to stardome and it was really cheap! We went there because our theme this term is all about space and star dome gave us more information about space. It is a small gallery and has a lot of things that are kid friendly.

But before all of that happened we went onto the park well at least the small park. It was cool because we also got to go on the flying fox. So then after 10 mins on the park we then lined up in our groups and My parent helper was my friend’s mum, her name was Lose. So we went in and it was a cool and small planetarium.

We had 15 mins of exploring the planetarium and it was cool because it had buttons that activated the machines. We were looking everywhere and heaps of the stuff were cool and have had a lot of information. Then after that 15 minutes we went into the space room and then we learned more about space and planets. Then we got handed an iPad and had to answer the questions and try and look for the answer in the planetarium.

So then after our scavenger hunt we had to line up again and then the fun bit happened. We went into the movie room and I got to say it was very cool. While we watched the movie in the dome it was kind of giving me a headache and not just me Mrs Stickland got movie sick.

I learnt that if you try and search for another planet it is gonna be worthless so the best option is just to stay with earth and just clean it up. I also learnt that a dirty snowball is also another name for comet.  It was pretty fun and cheap but the thing I love most was playing on the flying fox and learning with our teacher.

Task description: This is my recount about star dome and This is a late post and it and we actually went to stardome on Thursday last week.\

Monday, 18 September 2017

Problem solving Wk 8 term 3

Task description: this is My problem solving for wk 8 and I know I haven't been posting that much of My work. well this presentation is My work and we are learning to solve decimal problems.

cyber smart Mondays/ Attribute photos

Image attribution : https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2948/15175503519_3146fec7a6_b.jpg
Image result for huaraches
Task description:This is a picture of huaraches and the reason why I put them on here is that we are learning to Attribute photos so that we can be cyber smart. we are also learning to use free to use pictures and attribute them so we don't get FINED! so if you were wondering this picture is just for this cyber smart lesson and I am not just doing this for fun.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Star dome PMI

Walt:To share about our trip to stardome. Task description: this presentation is all about my positive, minus and interesting moments at star dome. so this task is all about my trip to star dome. If you want to go to star dome here is there address: 670 Manukau Rd, Epsom, Auckland 1345 and the entry fee is amazing it is $1 for a child and $2 for an adult.
Image attribution:Here

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Jake's profile.

Walt: make connections with what we read, and what we have read before.

Task description: This is Jake's profile, you might be wondering who Jake is.  well I don't even know him I made him up. this task is about Jake and I am talking from his perspective. He wants to be one of the members for the mars one project. you can see who he is and why he wants to be on mars and in the mars one project.                                                                                                                             

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Cross country recount

Walt: structure a recount.

READY, SET… GO! We sprinted off the race track and then the race started. I was so pumped and ready to roll. I had a lot of butterflies in My stomach and raced as fast as I could. I was so tired and so exhausted I Really wanted to stop.
If you want to read more click this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10y48esja6eUGpWyyjV5a-eZjAoQfQX2wko-Q1QHe2oI/edit
Task description: This is my paragraph about my cross country. There is more to this story if you want to read more click the link above. This is my recount about cross country and I got to say the cross country was Hard!

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Term 1 animation

Naomi Maui and the sun from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
Task description: This is my term 1 animation and yes term 1 has past but i am sharing it now so that I could get a mark and finish it. it is about maui and the sun well how maui slowed down the sun with his brothers. the voice over just covers what I am trying to say.

Term 2 Rubric reflection

I think that my score was good because our whole team got a 5 on our planning presentation. I also I think that my score was good because it had mostly 4’s . Being an actor and a dancer gave me an advantage to get me a higher score for performing. For our discussion/Paideia seminar I think I really improved from term 1. My score was really good and from term 1 I think I have improved more in contributing in the paideia seminar.

My goal is to work hard and push myself to the next level.

Task description: This is my Reflection on my rubric for term 2. I know I haven't really clarified what I did. also sorry I am not aloud to post my score because my teacher said I don't know why.

Post Card

Walt: write for a younger audience.
Task description: this is my post card to my mum and this is fake. I did not go to mars and I still live with my mum. I can't even go to mars I am to young. it is saying how much fun I am having and how much I want to go home to my family. also I was kind of being cheesy when I said from your favourite child but I know I am.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

sailing technology (term 2)

Naomi sailing technology Term 2 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
Task description: this is my term 2 animation I could have done better but it has already pasted. as I said it was a term 2 animation so it was a late post. it is talking about how much has changed through the years. if I could make it better I would.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Sun project/advice blog

Task description: this is about me giving advise to this complete stranger and trying to help his little sister. We are learning about the solar system this term so it was pretty easy doing this advice blog.

Thursday, 17 August 2017


Task description: This is My satellite task and it is telling what I would do if I had my own and what a man-made satellite is. I also had to make My own pictures and yeah.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Guardians of the galaxy immersion day ( Late post)

Foot activity/maths

WALT: solving problems using Measurement 
Task description: This is my maths activity and it was about measuring my feet and also My partner, Amelia.   we tried to see in our maths book how long our feet was, we put our feet on our maths book and traced around it. we then had to use our feet to measure our partner.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Solar system Q/A

Task description: this presentation is all about me answering his questions. by the way he is not real ok. This is also a late post and sorry Mr Goodwin. I am just telling him about earth and how long is a year for us.

Me at mars/ post card

Task description: This is a rushed task so yeah. This is my post card to my mum. it is talking about me at mars. I didn't actually go to mars i am writing if i were to go to mars. in it I really talked about how I felt, what I did and if I was scared or not. I only had a minute for this too.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Paideia seminar Reflection

Have you ever had a paideia seminar? Well the year 5&6 extension group did. We got into groups of two and my partner was Bethan. We had this doc filled with all kinds of perspectives we could choose from. Bethan and I chose 4 and the others just stuck with one perspective. The question we had to answer/ and argue for the paideia seminar was… “Is it important to keep our humanity, emotions, critical thinking, and empathy or doesn’t it matter if we live in a wired world where we are individuals, not a community?
What is the best or worst case scenario of living in a world, where we don’t communicate face to face?”

In our paideia seminar i think I did more talking than what i did in term 1’s seminar. I was really scared but I actually talked a lot.  I was surprised when the people who talked a lot last time didn’t talk a lot this time.  I think that the term 2 paideia seminar was my best one. everybody was talking and if someone didn’t talk we’d always make time for them to talk. I loved it because everybody piggy banked on what someone was saying. I think we all did not want robots to be like a slave or even to rule the WORLD! If we did have them and you had a kid who would look after them? The robot can’t because he can’t get in the water to bathe the baby or even make food.

It was also about the production we performed “ Back in da day” because it is a time travel play and it was about all the technology changing and how they changed. I also loved the paideia seminar because of the Lollies! I think that doing the production boosted my confidence and i think that is why i talked a lot more. I think i could do better next time by listening more and trying to piggy bank on other people's ideas.

planets in the solar system

Task description: this is a picture i made with photos of all the planets in the solar system except for Pluto because people said it is not a true planet. it has the planets in order from the one closer to the sun and further from the sun. if you cannot tell each apart the first one is Mercury then Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Space facts

 Task description: these are my facts about space and yeah. I was trying to do this fast because I did not want to stay in at lunch time. Like I said I rushed and the sentences might be a little short and this task description might also be short.

space Narrative

I’ve been in space for about a week now. Pikachu and I Have been searching for a planet to live on with all the earthlings. Why are we looking for a new planet? Well The plants aren’t growing and the season have been changing everyday, there are huge earthquakes and heaps of the kids are scared. We need a new home ASAP!

After a long search we finally found a planet , we landed and like the scenery.  “Wait what's that… Watch OUT!” Another spaceship was attacking us. They wanted the planet as well. “ what are we gonna do! There's no way we can defeat them” I said. I looked closer and it was nothing that me and Pikachu have seen before, It was an alien with a pig head. It was a Piglien.

Me and Pikachu VS The two alien pig heads A.K.A Pigliens. It was WAR! Luckily we brought Space blasters, We took them out and started shooting the space ship… BOOM! “ Yay we hit it!” I said, a few seconds later another one comes out of nowhere and hits our space ship. “ NO! How are we gonna go back home.. WE'RE STUCK HERE! We quickly shot there spaceship and luckily there were no more left. The big problem was “How are we gonna get back home!”

As we were thinking for several minutes, we thought we saw an asteroid but as it came closer it was actually a NASA satellite. It crashed on the ground and Pikachu and I ran to it and refigured the wiress and It started working. “ Yay… At last!” We hopped in and went back home. “ But how are we gonna get everybody to the planet” Said pikachu “ we might just have to tell the news report people all over the world and say that we need to evacuate earth and move to the new planet called Planet Zycon.

Nasa had a lot of big space ships and getting people in and out actually took 2 years and 2 months it was hard work but it was worth it. Living in our new home we actually had no homes and building some more took a few  more than 2 years.There were no countries everybody was just A Zyconion.

Monday, 17 July 2017

My Art work!

This is My artwork and it is the best that I have done! I think it is meaningless but who cares. I did not trace it was all me. I did get some inspiration but here is my version of it. I'd say it looked exactly like the picture I showed my mum and she loved it! I am not trying to brag in any kind of way. I just wanted to share My artwork with you guys. Thank you all for checking it out, hope you have an awesome holiday.
Task description: This is just about my artwork and what I drew. I think I did a pretty good job compared to my other artworks.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

My Road Trip Up North!

all I have been doing this holidays is going on a digital trip. But today I went on a real road trip. We went from Auckland to Oturu Marae in Kaitaia. As we arrived we started waving to our family. Why did we go? we went because it was My nanny Edel's Birthday, And Gosh there were a lot of people I did not know. We unpacked our stuff and it was really easy because we were only staying there for a night. Judah, Trendy and I were getting bored and we then made stuff out of flax ( I will share a photo).  Later on , as a celebration the adults couldn't  resists having a little drink. That little drink turned into a big one. We went to bed at like 11 ( because we wanted to play with the cards) and then went to sleep. it was really funny because there were some people sleep talking and drunk. also I couldn't sleep that well because My uncle kept on snoring loud as!


Task description: This is more like a fun writing but who cares. This is about My weekend I had in Kaitaia. It has all the stuff that we did and the photos.

Friday, 14 July 2017

WLJ Day 7 bonus activity ( last WLJ post)

Bonus Activity: On your blog, post a video or write a description about your week. What have you learned? What did you like about the trip? What didn’t you like? Was there anything that surprised you?

To earn full points for this activity, you must talk about what you learned, what you liked and what you about your great kiwi road trip.
I chose to write a description because I do not know what to do if I were to make a video.
My description of the week:
I have learnt a lot this week thanks to Rachel. I really loved going on a digital road trip with curios kiwi as well. I expressed a lot of feelings on my trip I felt nervous and scared when I was alone and when I was writing from the perspective of the first man to come to New Zealand. The activity that I loved was giving my opinion to which haka was the best. The activity I did not like was the whale rider one, I love the movie but I actually wanted to see the movie and the trailer was not working for me. I loved learning about Peter Jackson because he is really famous and it is cool that someone from New Zealand is really that famous. an interesting fact I learnt was That peter Jackson met the queen and also has his own star in Hollywood.
Task description: This is the last post until Monday ..... I hope. I will be posting my weekend on Monday okay?

WLJ day 7 (last day..yeah) activity 2

Activity 2: After you have finished up in Taupo, it is time to hop back in the car and head for Rotorua – a town where will have the chance for some much needed rest and relaxation. In fact, you will visit the Tarawera Bush Pool – a geothermal hot pool that is located in the middle of a forest. The warm water in the pool comes from underneath the ground. After a few hours in the pool you feel really relaxed.

On your blog, post a picture of yourself doing something relaxing. I find reading really relaxing. Here is a picture of me reading one of my favourite books!
After a long soak in the natural hot pools, it is time to get back home. Your family and friends can’t wait to see you and they can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. Take a moment to think about what you have seen and done over the past week.
What I Think is relaxing is listening to music. I really love music and especially when I know the whole lyrics.
task description: This is the 2nd to last post I am going to be doing for winter learning journey but I will be posting on Monday about the weekend I had because tomorrow I am going up north and maybe the day after that we might go to cape Regina.

WLJ Day 7 ( last day... I think) activity 1

Image result for keep new zealand beautifulActivity 1: While in Taupo, you go for a walk around the lake and you notice pieces of rubbish floating in the water. You also notice that there is rubbish on the footpath. As you know, it is really important to put rubbish in the bin and keep New Zealand clean and beautiful for generations to come.

With that in mind, it is time think about what you can do to keep New Zealand beautiful. Use your imagination and come up with three things that you could do to make your neighbourhood more beautiful. Post your list on your blog ☺:
1st thing: I think that to make a beautiful neighborhood is to pick up all the rubbish that is around there.
2nd thing: I think is to ask for permission to wash the cars and just make it clean. also I think growing some pretty plants in your garden will look pretty cool.
3rd thing: Mowing the lawns what is wrong with that if you just mow the lawns for every body it will make it easier for the other people too.
Task description: this is my list and I think this is the last day of the winter learning journey and thank you to Rachel for setting this u for every body and yeah thanks.