Thursday, 21 September 2017

Star dome

Have you been to stardome? Well Me and my classmates went to stardome and it was really cheap! We went there because our theme this term is all about space and star dome gave us more information about space. It is a small gallery and has a lot of things that are kid friendly.

But before all of that happened we went onto the park well at least the small park. It was cool because we also got to go on the flying fox. So then after 10 mins on the park we then lined up in our groups and My parent helper was my friend’s mum, her name was Lose. So we went in and it was a cool and small planetarium.

We had 15 mins of exploring the planetarium and it was cool because it had buttons that activated the machines. We were looking everywhere and heaps of the stuff were cool and have had a lot of information. Then after that 15 minutes we went into the space room and then we learned more about space and planets. Then we got handed an iPad and had to answer the questions and try and look for the answer in the planetarium.

So then after our scavenger hunt we had to line up again and then the fun bit happened. We went into the movie room and I got to say it was very cool. While we watched the movie in the dome it was kind of giving me a headache and not just me Mrs Stickland got movie sick.

I learnt that if you try and search for another planet it is gonna be worthless so the best option is just to stay with earth and just clean it up. I also learnt that a dirty snowball is also another name for comet.  It was pretty fun and cheap but the thing I love most was playing on the flying fox and learning with our teacher.

Task description: This is my recount about star dome and This is a late post and it and we actually went to stardome on Thursday last week.\

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