Thursday, 21 September 2017

EXT Paideia seminar

Inline image 4On Tuesday the year 5&6 Extension group had a paideia seminar, It was our 3rd one this year! The topic we had to talk about was "Is being civilise such a good thing". Our Paideia seminar began and Amira was first to speak. I think that I could do better on the next seminar because this seminar was kind of hard because I didn't know when to talk and the topic was kind of hard to me. I only spoke 5 or 6 times but I think that is a good thing some people only talked once or twice. I was really nervous because i thought My answer was going to be wrong but then I remembered that there are no right or wrong answers in the paideia seminar. Luckily I was prepared with a paragraph that I wrote about what civilisation means to me. overall I think that i did good and I think I did better than term one and maybe Just the same as term 2's Paideia seminar.

Task description: This is my reflection of my term 3 Extension Paideia seminar. It has my feelings and has what I did and what I could do better. I think I did really good and I hope I do better next time. 

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