Wednesday, 10 June 2020

~ H e a l t h~ || Gratitude jar

Gratitude !

Recently, we have been learning all about gratitude and how it can assist our well being. We started by brainstorming about what gratitude means to us and some of the benefits gratitude has on our well being. We asked some questions like, What does gratitude mean to you? How does it work? How can we grow our gratitude? Etc.  Link This is a link to what gratitude means to me. But gratitude is really just about showing your appreciation to something or someone basically.

Afterwards, we went around our house to find a jar-like object. We found our item and decorated it however we wanted.  This object was going to be used as a place to show our gratitude and write notes on how you showed your appreciation for something or someone. I named my jar after the famous actor Zendaya, she has been an inspiration to me since I was little. Zendaya also means “to give thanks” and the name fit really well with my gratitude jar. My gratitude Jar is nearly half way full, I have been writing down what i’m grateful for mostly everyday. 

When I write down what I am thankful for, I feel a sense of gratitude and thankfulness. This has changed the way I view things, I look at things differently now and see the positive side of things. The impact that gratitude has, has made me think of how lucky I am to be in a position with a healthy life. This has improved my well-being because it has made me see the positive side of things and seeing how lucky I am.

Brief summary:
So we have been learning a lot about gratitude and what gratitude actually means. We made a homemade gratitude jar with the objects we could find around the house. We gave our jars names and have been filling our jar up everyday.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

H e a l t h ~ Hauora house/well being

Wednesday 24th of march 2020
Hauora well beings:
Two weeks ago we started our Projects for health. In health we have been learning about our well being, we have been learning about the four dimensions of the Hauora well being house. The Hauora house consists of four walls that have an important role for our well being. On each wall is a different wellbeing, so there's your spiritual well being, Mental/emotional well being, physical well being and your social well being. When one of the walls/wellbeings is affected negatively, then the whole Hauora house falls down but when it is positively affected then it brings up the walls and it makes you feel better about yourself.

My Hauora house/cross:
Instead of making an actual House, I decided to make a 2D cross. I wanted to be different from everybody else because they were making a house and I wanted to make a 3D cross but I didn’t have enough time so I made a 2D cross. On each side of the cross I wrote the four dimensions, you can’t really see nor read the words on the cross. On each side has the wellbeings and the keywords that relate to the wellbeing. My project was smaller compared to others but it really didn’t matter about size, I was just proud that I made something different to others.

Spiritual well being:
The spiritual well being/Taha Wairua has 9 keywords. The keywords are, sense of achievement, purpose in life, personal identity, values, beliefs, religion, self awareness, self esteem and cultural practices. These keywords are what make up our spiritual well being. Your spiritual well being is mostly about you and what you believe. Our environment and the people are mostly what our spiritual wellbeing is influenced upon. For example, My spiritual well being has been positively affected, because I competed in the oceania tag cup in the weekend and it really boosted my self esteem and when I scored a try and I felt a sense of achievement.

Mental and emotional Well being: 
Our mental and emotional/ Taha hinengaro makes us feel what we feel. The keywords for mental and emotional are feelings and thoughts. Our generation has been affected by our peers and have been commiting suicide due to the lack of Aroha they are recieving from others. My Mental and emotional wellbeing has been positively affected because I felt good about being selected for  the senior tag team for school.

Physical wellbeing : 
In  physical wellbeing/Taha Tinana there are 5 keywords that make up our physical wellbeing. There's Body growth, Body development, Body care, the ability to move and Balance - nutrition, exercise and sleep. These are everything that has to with your body and about making your body healthy. If you are healthy and fit, then you have a positive physical wall being. But if you are lazy and tired all the time, then you have a negative physical wellbeing. My Example: My physical well has been negatively affected this week because I have been feeling lazy and very tired in the mornings.

Social well being:
Our Social wellbeing/Taha Whanau is impacted by the people around us. Our social wellbeing is basically how the people we interact with make us feel and how they have been negatively affecting us or positively affecting us. In our social well being, we have 7 key words which are, Relationships, Family, friends,social support, community, sense of belonging, compassion and care. My example: My family have been supportive during my sports and my friends have been supporting me with my homework.

P.E ~ 2020

Do Now: Complete a blog entry or this page on the following questions about the ABL activity you just participated in based on active participation.
Activity: feed the hoop
Date: 25/02/20

What does participation look like:
From my point of view, participation is where everyone is joining in as a team and working together.
Participation is also where everyone is having fun and everyone has a role on the team. In our game “Feed the hoop” we all participated and no one was left out. Feed the hoop requires everyone to participate and everyone did so, our participation looked like we were having fun. Since we all participated, everyone was having fun and we were all encouraging each other to keep going.

What does participation sounds like:
If you have ever been in a team for any sport you’d know that everyone encourages each other and no one really puts anyone down. In our feed the hoop game it was exactly like being in a sports team. Everyone was very encouraging and they were really boosting each others self confidence. Kids were saying words like “ Lesshhgoooo” and “come on we can do this”.  When I heard people encouraging each other I decided to follow and encourage others as well.

What does participation feel like:
From my perspective, participation makes me feel joyful and uplifted. When everyone participated I felt joyful because nobody felt like they were left out nor did they feel stink. I felt uplifted when everyone was encouraging each other and no one was putting anyone down. In conclusion, when everybody wants to participate everyone feels good and happy.

Explain how participation influenced you during your activity:
Personally, I think that my self confidence was boosted due to the amount of people who were participating and were helping us to win the race. Everyone was encouraging each other and that made me want to go faster and win for the team. I was really happy when no one wanted to sit out because thats whats make a great team and

Thursday, 19 March 2020

P E ~ Bench swap reflection

Reflection 1

Do Now: Complete a blog entry or this page on the following questions about the ABL activity you just participated in based on positive communication.

Activity: Bench swap

Date: 18/02/20

Class Discussion
What does communication look like:
In my opinion, I think that communication is when everybody is talking and trying to solve the problem together and not individually. If nobody talks then no one will know what is happening and nobody knows how to read your mind. But  during the game of bench swap I didn’t really hear that much talking and no one was really stepping up. But we kind of used communication by saying how we were going to maneuver around each other and we were using kind and encouraging words like “Go AMELIA”.

What does communication sound like:
Communication sounds noisy and loud, but also respecting other people’s contribution.  During the game Bench swap the communication was very low but some people were stepping up and telling people where to go and then everybody started to follow and they started to talk as well. After one person stepping up, everybody started to talk and they said “oh, the boys will lean on the wall and the girls will walk around them”

What does communication feel like:
I felt joyful when I heard everybody talking, because then I knew what to do and everybody followed. I felt like I knew what I was doing because of the communication that everybody was showing.

Explain how communication influenced you during your activity:
I think that when we were communicating, it really boosted our energy and everyone was working together. I also think that everybody knew what to do and when one person was talking, everybody started to talk. When one person stands up and takes charge everybody starts to follow.

2 0 2 0 ! ~ Road safety project

Kia ora My name is Naomi, and I am a team member of the group renegades. Team renegades consist of 6 members, Amelia, Riiana, Poieva, Champion and myself.

This year our school is approaching a different way of learning with my class and we are called the akomanga kaihanga group. We are a project based learning class, so we basically take a problem that is happening in our community and we try to solve the problem with our project. This term My group wanted to look at road safety, we found out that the crash rates in our community were a bit high and we wanted to lower it.

If we wanted to lower the crash rates we  needed to think about how we were gonna do that, we thought about making a pedestrian on line road, but that would be more construction (adding onto the construction happening near tamaki college). So we were thinking of lowering the speed limit on line road.We first emailed some people from different businesses and tried to persuade them into agreeing with us and being on our side. We booked a meeting with a guy from ACC and his name was Richard. He was very happy with our idea about road safety and he was giving us some more ideas about our project and more people to contact to be on our side. After that, we started to email other people but they were not responding to our emails and it was really hard, because we wanted to get others' opinion on our project before we go to the big guys (AT).

So far we have sent out emails to the GI police, Panmure library, Te oro, ACC, and some other people who we thought would love to talk about driving to school. We have been moving slow with our project , and we are still trying to hear back from most of our contacts. We are still trying to get in contact with people and we were supposed to do that weeks ago. So we really need to hurry up, so we can book a meeting with AT.

My achievement is to go to AT and try and persuade them into agreeing with our idea about road safety and then if they agree then we have successfully finished our project. I am feeling a bit slow with my project because we are moving very slow and we need to hurry and have a meeting with AT. I am feeling quite bored really, because we’ve just been doing emails and haven’t really gone out and done something. I am looking forward to finishing and meeting with AT, so that our project can be over and done with.