Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Dear diary

Task description: This is a Task just like with afu and me. But I am writing from me and afu's perspective. also if you are wondering why afu has a little bit it is because he does not have time Because he is a navigator and navigators have to stay up all night and day. This is talking about what me and afu might be doing during our ride to samoa or new Zealand.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Past and present (Travelling)

Walt: think critically about what we read.
Task description: This task was to separate me and afu but I am talking of afu's perspective and what he would travel in and what would he do. But also I am doing the same thing  but My perspective.

Friday, 19 May 2017


I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream!

Have you ever made Ice-cream at School before? Well today, room 7 literacy made vanilla ice-cream. It
looks easy but trust me it’s not.

Everyone participated and had fun. We all were excited to make the ice cream and to eat it People were so excited that they rushed it, and their ice-cream tasted like salt.  

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Making paper flowers (With Naomi)

Task description: This is just like when I was making a boat but I am making a flower. It is to write a set of instructions and see if people can understand.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Castaway Island

 Walt: Write from the 1st person.

“WHAT?” I said loudly, I look around and I see a lot of sand and water. “Where am I” I said, I try to look around if there were any people around to help . I start to panic, I have no Idea where i have landed. I tried to pull my air boat back to the sea but it pops on a sharp piece of stone.

I tried to gather everything that I could see to make shelter “ Maybe I could make shelter out of this popped boat”. I found flax and from my school experience I knew that to make rope you need flax. I start weaving and it is starting to look  more like rope. I use the rope/flax to hold the sticks that I got together. I made the roof out of fronds (Big leaves) . I was thinking “ what should I do with this boat to make it useful again” so then I had an Idea, I would use it as my blanket and the rest of my leaves as a bed, “Uhh Yay I'm finished” I said exhaustively.

“Ohh man i’m starving” I said with a little echo following. I tried to sharpen a stick with a shell to make a hook to catch some fish.  “Ouch” I said curiously, A coconut just fell from a tree and dropped on my head. I was thinking how could I cook this fish, “wait i can make a umu (hangi) but how do I make fire” I start to gather some sticks and some grass to make a fire. It is not as easy as you think. “Man this is nice” I said with excitement.

How can I make a signal for people to contact me? Then it hit me I would make a fire with a lot of smoke. I grabbed some greens (fronds,grass, smaller leaves ) and some sticks. I start rubbing the dry sticks together but it would not work I would kept trying and trying and then suddenly some smoke started to come up I blew on it and… “yes, a fire”. I put the leaves on the fire and some smoke accidentally came up my nose.  I made a help sign by drawing on the sand with a stick and I waited and waited.

“ what is that loud sound” I said curiously. I waved my hands up in the air and they saw the smoke and the help sign. They came down to the rescue and I climbed on the ladder that came down. “ Thank you so much” I said happily “ I can finally have some real food like KFC”.

Task description: This writing is about me ( The castaway) but it was not real it is a narrative. it is telling how I survived on a mysterious island. It is talking about what technology I used to survive and it goes with My term topic "Now that's Thinking!" which is a technology topic.