Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Guardians of the galaxy immersion day ( Late post)

Foot activity/maths

WALT: solving problems using Measurement 
Task description: This is my maths activity and it was about measuring my feet and also My partner, Amelia.   we tried to see in our maths book how long our feet was, we put our feet on our maths book and traced around it. we then had to use our feet to measure our partner.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Solar system Q/A

Task description: this presentation is all about me answering his questions. by the way he is not real ok. This is also a late post and sorry Mr Goodwin. I am just telling him about earth and how long is a year for us.

Me at mars/ post card

Task description: This is a rushed task so yeah. This is my post card to my mum. it is talking about me at mars. I didn't actually go to mars i am writing if i were to go to mars. in it I really talked about how I felt, what I did and if I was scared or not. I only had a minute for this too.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Paideia seminar Reflection

Have you ever had a paideia seminar? Well the year 5&6 extension group did. We got into groups of two and my partner was Bethan. We had this doc filled with all kinds of perspectives we could choose from. Bethan and I chose 4 and the others just stuck with one perspective. The question we had to answer/ and argue for the paideia seminar was… “Is it important to keep our humanity, emotions, critical thinking, and empathy or doesn’t it matter if we live in a wired world where we are individuals, not a community?
What is the best or worst case scenario of living in a world, where we don’t communicate face to face?”

In our paideia seminar i think I did more talking than what i did in term 1’s seminar. I was really scared but I actually talked a lot.  I was surprised when the people who talked a lot last time didn’t talk a lot this time.  I think that the term 2 paideia seminar was my best one. everybody was talking and if someone didn’t talk we’d always make time for them to talk. I loved it because everybody piggy banked on what someone was saying. I think we all did not want robots to be like a slave or even to rule the WORLD! If we did have them and you had a kid who would look after them? The robot can’t because he can’t get in the water to bathe the baby or even make food.

It was also about the production we performed “ Back in da day” because it is a time travel play and it was about all the technology changing and how they changed. I also loved the paideia seminar because of the Lollies! I think that doing the production boosted my confidence and i think that is why i talked a lot more. I think i could do better next time by listening more and trying to piggy bank on other people's ideas.

planets in the solar system

Task description: this is a picture i made with photos of all the planets in the solar system except for Pluto because people said it is not a true planet. it has the planets in order from the one closer to the sun and further from the sun. if you cannot tell each apart the first one is Mercury then Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Space facts

 Task description: these are my facts about space and yeah. I was trying to do this fast because I did not want to stay in at lunch time. Like I said I rushed and the sentences might be a little short and this task description might also be short.