Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Naomi Maths work

WALT Apply our mathematical knowledge in a range of context

Task description:
This week we have been going over math that we have learnt last term. we had to figure out a variety of questions and we had to answer them. some of these questions were harder than others but I still managed to push through them. I had help from Mrs stone and a classmate.

term 2 flight presentation

Task description:
last term our extension crew learnt about flight and history and my group was learning all about the history of flight. in this presentation you will find my findings of the history of flight, who invented planes and what is an air craft.

Monday, 24 September 2018

benefits of excercise song

Benefits of exercise song

Title:all about my weight

Copy and paste Lyrics of the well known song in the column below
Start writing your lyrics below. Make sure the rhyme scheme is the same
Because you know I'm all about that bass,
'Bout that bass,

no treble

I'm all 'bout that bass, 'bout that bass,

no treble

I'm all 'bout that bass, 'bout that bass,

no treble

I'm all 'bout that bass, 'bout that bass

Yeah it’s pretty clear I ain’t no size 2

But  can shake it, shake it  like i’m supposed to do,

Cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chase

All the right junk and all the right places

I see the magazines,

Working that photoshops

Because you know I'm all about My weight,
'Bout My weight,

no trouble

I'm all 'bout My weight, 'bout my weight,

no trouble

I'm all 'bout my weight, 'bout my weight,

no trouble

I'm all 'bout my weight, 'bout my weight

Yeah it’s pretty clear, you should exercise ,
Because you can, you can live a longer life,

To lower the risks of having heart disease

you need to be fit and have agility

revolting fairytales

we had to Select a well known Fairy tale. Using the same characters and  write an alternative plot to the story 
we had to Make sure your writing includes:
 - An adjective for every noun
 - Some double adjectives i.e The longdusty road 
 - Adverbs i.e The large and jolly man jumped up and walked merrily in the park.
here is the link to my writing link

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Building blocks

Task description:
today room 4 maths were learning was to calculate volume and this is how we learnt that. this task was about making boxes out blocks and there were 4 boxes we had to make, we also needed to make a bigger box to fit all of the boxes combined. box 1: 4m x 4m x 6m  Box 2: 2m x 8m x 6m box 3: 6m x 6m x 4m Box 4 2m x 6m x 4m. the box that could fit all of the boxes in it was 13 x 8 x 6. The volume of this big box was 624.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

physical activity

Want to feel better? Then physical exercise is the right thing for you. This writing is going to tell you all about how to be physically exercise and what the benefits are for physical activity. Physical activity can help strengthening your muscles and having a lower risk of type 2 diabetes and cancer. staying fit and strong is way better than sitting at home and eating, so why don’t you exercise. 

#1 Reducing deadly disease

 Exercising can help develop muscles but can also prevent you from dying from a rare disease like cancer or type 2 diabetes. Eating healthy can exercise the brain because the more vitamins and protein you have in your body can help you think a lot better. Another way is to run around after you eat because if you eat and sit around then you might get obesity.       
#2 loosing weight

 If you are like most people you just want to exercise because you want to look better than what you looked like before. But if you actually wanted to live a longer life, you would exercise to avoid deadly diseases. I am a child so I don’t know that much from an adults perspective, but I think physical activity is better for the brain and for the body.
#3 Physical activity being fun

Physical activity is anything actually, If you are moving your body then u are physically moving. Dancing can be a physical activity, so you can actually make exercising fun. Sports can be another activity because your running and also its fun.
If you are someone lazy or not active, Or doesn’t want to get off the couch, then consider these ideas to live a longer life. Physical activity doesn’t have to be painful it can be fun and it can really help you in life, Just Believe!