Wednesday, 16 October 2019

🧬Cheek cells🧬 || 🔬Genomics🔬

Image result for slide scienceToday room 4 were taking a look at cheek cells. We wanted to see what our cheek cells looked like under a microscope. We are trying to see if we can spot some of the organelles we were learning about last term. The equipment we needed was a Popsicle stick, a slide, sodium chloride, and methylene blue (stain). We got into groups of 3 and I was in a group with Ayla and Makayla. One of us had to swab the Popsicle stick gently around the inside of their cheek. My group nominated Ayla to swab the Popsicle stick in her mouth. After she put her dead cells on the Popsicle stick she smeared the cells on the slide. We then put a tiny drop of sodium chloride on the slide where the dead cells were. After that step we put some methylene blue on top of the sodium chloride. We then went to lunch while the slide dried. After lunch we came into class and used the microscopes to see what the dead cells in our cheek look like. Aylas cheek cells just looked like little dots. 

Friday, 27 September 2019

🔬🧬Naomi || Genomics🧬🔬

 🔬🧬This term we have been learning about genomics. This term we learnt a lot about cells and genetics. We learnt about the organelles that live in a cell. This is my animation explaining the organelles in the cell, I did not get to animate the organelles because we spent most of our term learning about the cell than to draw them on the imac. So I just drew a normal cell and talked about each organelle. We also wrote down all our information in our Tracking my learning slides. Hope you enjoy!🧬🔬

If you didn't hear what I was saying in my animation here is a link to my script: LINK

And if you couldn't see the graphics in my video here is another version with no audio: LINK

LINK to presentation

Task description/explanation:
This term is all about living things and for inquiry we are learning about the origin of life, Organs in our body and cells. My animation for this term was supposed to be about the organelles in the cells and explaining how each organelle works in the cell. We spent most of our term learning about this that we didn't have that much time to draw it on the imacs. The video above was my attempt at showing/explaining what each organelle does. The presentation was just an addition to my animation showing what the organelles do in more depth.🧬🧬🔬🔬

Wednesday, 21 August 2019


This weeks work is all about mammals and how they survive in the amazon rainforest. Our task is to understand what a mammal is and how it adapts to its surroundings. The walt for this weeks work is : Identify and paraphrase key ideas in a text. we have been doing that with the transcript and writing our notes onto the paper version. Hopefully you like my piece of work.

De extinction

This week we are learning about De-extinction. This week we were reading a text called "jurassic park for the birds" which is about De-extinction and trying to bring the passenger pigeon back to life. We understand now, what the 3 main ways of de-extinction is and how it is used.

Friday, 9 August 2019


This is old work from week 2
Task description:
This weeks reading work is about the 7 life processes (MRS GREN). First we had to watch the video then we had to take notes on the transcript, this time i took my notes on my chromebook and not paper. After that I had to create something to show MRS GREN I couldn't make a song or a rap so I just wrote a description of what I think MRS GREN is.

Scientific method

This is my reading work from week one I just forgot to post it on my blog.
Task description:
This Task is about what is science and methods that scientist use to figure out something. We also had to watch the video and take some notes, There was a transcript to the video and we took notes on the paper transcript. After we finished our notes we had to create a way to show one the following: the scientific method, physical science, life science or earth science. I chose to create a poster for the scientific method, i did use photos from google but I did attribute them and you can click on the link here to see the poster: Link

Tuesday, 6 August 2019


Today In cooking class we made mince wraps. Today our teacher was Mrs Tuipoltu, as always, and my partner was Amelia.

First we had to fry the mince and dice the onions and fry them together in a pan.

After that we had to cut our 2 pastry into eighths  and put mince on four of the pastry's and with the other four you use it to cover the one with the mince.

Then Push down the sides with a fork and put it in the oven.

Wait for the mince wraps to be golden then take it out and ENJOY!