Thursday, 23 March 2017

My bee paragraph

A bumble bee is harmless and a cute insect, It has six tiny legs and three body parts ( head l thorax and the body). Bumble bees help us and if we did not have bumble bees or other bees we would probably die. Their Is a queen and she has an important job because she stay’s in the hive all day and lay eggs. The other bees are called worker bees and they mostly do all the work, The worker bees clean the hives and make sure the hive is ok. Bees fly to a flower and most flowers that catch their eyes are mostly the purple,blue and yellow flowers, bees also drink nectar and  get pollen on its back and carry It to their hive.  There are over 20,000 species of bees and one that make a lot of that sticky good stuff is honey bees.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

who likes wetas

Task description: This presentation of all these people we don't know but except Stacey and Me of course. Also this task was to see weather they like wetas or not based on their perspective.

My created bug

A Grass Leaper can be a male or female if it is a male then it has a stinger on it’s butt. It lives in the grass but watch out it is camouflage so you might not see it. It is a bad and an unfriendly bug, it is like a mosquito it sucks your blood but it is just itchy it does not hurt. It is a native bug and it likes to stay in a kowhai tree.  

Task description: This task was about creating a bug and also a interesting fact a Spider is not a bug because bugs only have 6 legs if it does not have 6 legs then it is not a bug. 

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Ambassadors session out of school

Today was an extra special day. We had two presentations as Ambassadors and for one of them we got to go out of school. How Exciting is that. Also we got to have lunch there. They were so nice they laughed at our jokes and also gave us gift cards.

We had two taxis that arrived at our school to pick us up/drop us off. As we made our way to N4L ( Network 4 Learning) we met a lady and her name was Mrs Stuart.

We came out of our taxi's and it was freezing cold, I was so excited to go in mostly because it was cold but the next thing you know we were still outside. We first had a look at level one then we skipped to level 3 to have a special lunch. As we finished our lunch we were hoping that we did not burp while we were talking because of our healthy drink ( just kidding it was a fizzy drink don't tell my teacher "Shh").

We finally finished our food then we got ready to speak to the audience and also there were a lot of people it actually made me a bit nervous. But as we started to talk and introduce ourselves it made us feel a bit better when they laughed and clapped. when it came to the end we answered some of their questions and one question that Bethan said was " what do you guys actually do here" and we all started to laugh. As we laughed we stopped and listened to this woman ( I forgot her name) and she was saying that N4L is Network for learning and they help with our internet because if our internet is not working they try to make a way for it to work again.

Then we got up and thought we were going to go but we got stopped and then we got surprised because they gave us thank you cards. We opened our cards and got even more surprised when we saw a $30.00 gift card for the movies.  After that we got to see a cool thing it was a car stacker It is where you park your car then you swipe the card that you get to put your car inside , then the door closes and the car spins and then goes down like a elevator. But also If N4L is reading this on behalf of the Ambassadors we would like to say thank you to you for providing us some yum lunch and having to learn what you guys do to help our school's.

Overall My favourite bit there was eating their yummy lunch but I really loved the gift cards and also I already said this but I'm saying it again " Thank you".

Sunday, 19 March 2017

How to ride a bike

WALT: present info in a interesting way

 Have you ever ridden a bike before?... During School? Well Me and my friends got pulled out of class to find out that we were ridding on our new bike track for a special bike lesson. We knew how to ride a bike but we still had to learn to walk beside it, check the brakes, wear proper foot wear and more.

Today I thought that I was in trouble but I wasn't. Thank the gods! We were actually pulled out by our teacher Mr Goodwin.  We were going to do a lesson on bikes and then ( here comes the fun part) we get to ride on our schools new bike track. We did our lesson but it was kinda boring but it was supposed to learn how to ride a bike.

All we did was talk about how to ride a bike and answering bike questions. Unfortunately I had to return my bike and get another one why? It was because the brakes on my other one did not work lucky I talked about it because if I didn't then I could not have stopped and I would of crashed. Then I had to check all of the things that I had to check before, again.

As we started to end our video we put the go pro on and then started to go on the bikes. As we were riding, at the start  Daisy ( my friend) was in front of me and she went on the wooden mountain ( I don't know what its called). Daisy stopped and said "oh I'm on it" but she was yelling and as I said she stopped and she made me fall off.

I really liked this lesson I think it was loads of fun I really recommend following these rules before riding because you might fall like I did. Over all I had  a lot of fun and I really enjoyed this lesson.