Friday, 29 March 2019

Attitude talk with Jannah

Today we had an attitude talk with Jannah. Jannah is a member of the attitude company. Attitude members come to our school to talk about puberty or friendships. Jannah talked to us about friendships, I also found out that girls say way more words than boys. Jannah talked about a lot of things but the important things she said was how to make friends, how to be a good friend and how not to treat your friend . we loved hearing Jannah telling us stories about her past and it was very funny. Thank you to attitude for talking to us it was very funny and we loved hearing stories about being a good friend.


Today In literacy we tasted some sour patch kids and we had to write some juicy words into this format. first we tasted the sour lollie and then we had to come up with some juicy words and put them into a poem. so I hope you enjoy my poem up above.

Friday, 15 March 2019


This week in room 4 math we are learning about percentages. this task is this weeks work and I only did 2 slides. there were many but I couldn't really workout the other ones that well so I just posted the ones That I could understand and figure out. Hope you enjoy my work.

My writing test review

Pt england beach, the GI library, the internet cafe and Pt england school. They are all so special, don’t you think? Well I think so! Do you have a special place in the community? Well I do, and I am here to share my special place with you.

My special place in the community is the marist rugby club. Why? Well first of all they are so welcoming. Last year I started playing tackle rugby for the marist rugby club. I was so scared to play because everyone knows that rugby is known as a “Boy sport” and I was scared if they would think i was weak because I was a girl. As weeks went by, Trainings got harder But I started to feel more comfortable and felt welcomed to the team. That is the first reason why Marist rugby club is so special to me.

Playing with the boys was hard. That’s why we needed to work as a team and stick together. Marist rugby club is not just welcoming but they can work together well too! Teamwork plays a big role when it comes to playing rugby, Because without teamwork we would be freestyling and have no game play. My second reason I think that marist rugby club is so special is because when I needed help to tackle someone down they had my back and helped me take them down.

I think marist rugby club is special, not only because they are welcoming and they have great teamwork. But the marist rugby club is special to me because the people were so nice and kind. If they weren't nice and kind, the marist rugby club wouldn’t be as special as it is now. So my third reason why the marist rugby club is special is because the of how nice and kind they were to me.

So now you know all the reasons why marist rugby club is special to me. Being welcoming, Working as a team and being nice and kind make the marist rugby club special to me.
this is my writing test work and this was an explanation writing. This is my special place. My writing task for this week was to check  our writing with a buddy and post the review on our blog I had no partner but I am just going to fix up my own mistakes. so this link will take you to My review on my writing test. Link:

Poly fest recount

Have you ever been to Polyfest? Do you know what Polyfest is? Well if you don’t you have come to the right place. Polyfest is a cultural performance performed by thousands and thousands of college students. Polyfest is normally held across New zealand, It is a three day event in auckland. It gives the college kids the chance to represent their culture and try to compete to see which group is better at showing their culture in many ways. Well now that you know what Polyfest is, I am going to tell you all about what we did at polyfest wednesday.

We got on the bus and we were on our way. It wasn’t a long ride but it was alright, when we arrived at polyfest we saw a lot of different schools and we had to wait in a long line full of school kids. When we got to the gate we received polyfest rest bands and they were important or else we couldn’t go into the premises. We got in and went straight to the niuean stage I recognised the niuean stage because My cousin performed on the stage for auckland girls grammar. Anyways, we sat down near the stage but no one was performing we had a meeting and then after the meeting we were Free!

The first thing that we did and the thing i loved was all the activities. Our first activity was flava the radio channel, with flava we got to learn some cool dance moves from professional dancers. Our second activity was with the fire safety people, they gave us some questions about how to be firewise and we had to answer them correctly. If all of our answers were correct we would go in to the draw to win a prize. Our next activity was with AUT (auckland university of technology) and we were making cool dance moves. After we danced with the AUT students we got a free gift from them. Our last activity was with the election people, We learned who does what. Like, what Jacinda Ardern does and what Phil Goff does. We learnt when your allowed to enroll to vote and when your allowed to vote.

I also loved polyfest because of all the free stuff we got. After most of the activities we got some free stuff, some of the stuff was because we asked for them. After the election place we got a free rest band, we also got sunglasses from the ministry of education for answering some questions, then we got a free Tee-shirt from radio samoa for showing off our cool dance moves and lastly we got a temporary moko and pacifica tattoo.

My favourite bit about polyfest was the Maori stage ( kapa haka). Why? Well Kapa haka is my culture and I love watching people perform their style of dancing and showing off their culture to many many people. We also saw a person from fresh on the kapa haka stage and she was one of the hosts. Also bethan (a fellow friend) won a prize from the hosts, They asked anyone for one maori word and she got picked to answer the question. Unfortunately I forgot the word that she said but fortunately she won the prize. I thought that was cool.

So after that exciting day we came home with a lot of free things and some great memories. Overall polyfest was an awesome experience and I would definitely recommend going to see polyfest and watching all the stages. 

Task description: this task was supposed to be a recount writing but I kind of forgot how to do a recount so I just did an explanation of what poly fest is and what we did on Wednesday.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Being test ready!

This week we are finishing off unfinished work and this was just lying in my google drive so I decided to finish of this. This task is a practice test for last week, since testing was coming around the corner we decided to do a practice test. there is a lot of questions that we had to answer most of them were about our vocabulary and how well we knew the words in the story.

What is my favourite things to do at school?

Camps, cross country, athletics and much more fun events that we have at pt england school. In this piece of writing I’ll be telling you my favourite things to do at school and what my favourite events were.

Firstly, The thing I love about school is Morning tea and lunch! Reason being is because after a long morning or afternoon of learning I get to be free and play with my friends. I also love morning tea and lunch because I get to eat and I get to rest.

Secondly after my 8 years at Pt england I think that I really enjoyed Year 6 camp! I think that our year 6 camp was my best memory at pt england by far. Because we got to do different activities and  It is the longest camp at pt england.  Also we got along together pretty well and everybody was nice to each other.

Lastly, my favourite event that I did at school was fia fia. I loved fia fia especially about performing on the stage but mostly about watching the different cultures perform their dances. I love Fia fia because it is all about culture and where your from. At the start of fia fia I was scared to perform in front of everyone but I got over it and I gave it my all.

So now you know what my favourite thing to do at school and what were my favourite things that we do at pt england school. Year 6 camp and fia fia are only two events out of much more events that we have at pt england, that is why pt england school is very important to me.

Friday, 1 March 2019

My Visual Mihi

Malo e lelei, Fakalofa lahi atu and greetings to you all. This is my visual mihi for 2K19. First of all, the whole of team 5 is doing a visual mihi individually. A visual Mihi is where you have to draw four very important parts of your life and also yourself in the middle. My first picture I decided to draw was a flag and it was the tongan flag. Why? well because I'm tongan and also in the next picture I tried to draw the niuean flag. Both of those flags represent my cultures I am also Samoan and maori, So I am Tongan, Niuean, Samoan and Maori. I decided to draw the Tongan and Niuean Flag only because I know more about it and I can understand most of it.  In the third drawing it has A lot of sport balls and the Auckland touch  logo, So I think you guys can get what this drawing was about. SPORTS! Yes I love sports, sports  Plays a big part in my life. Everytime after school I have some kind of sport training. The sport balls Represent me playing different kinds of sports and the Auckland touch logo represents my love for touch. Last year I trialed for auckland touch but unfortunately I did not make it in the team but this year i trialed again and I finally made it in the team! Moving on to the next slide, My family plays the Biggest role in my life. My family means everything to me, They back me up , they have my back, they would never turn on me  and thats why I love them more  than anything. So that is my Visual mihi guys I hope you like My drawings and my explanation about every drawing. P.S My drawing about myself is the same one from last year because this year I finished my face drawing but someone deleted it so I compromised and did the one from last year. THANK YOU!!!