Saturday, 23 February 2019

Mahy Reading group

1. My reading group name is Mahy so that must mean that Magaret Mahy is who I am researching about.

a. Magaret Mahy was born on the 21st of march in 1936 and unfortunately died on the 23rd of July 2012.

b.  she is the eldest of her five siblings, she was born and raised in whakatane. her dad would often tell her and her siblings short stories and that influenced Magaret Mahy to start writing short stories.

Are you a good Role model

Are you a good role model?
By Naomi

Are you a Good role model? Do you want to be a good role model? Well if you do, then you have come to the right place. I will be covering 3-4 different  ideas in each paragraph. 

First of all if you are a role model I think that being kind would make you a Good role model. Because being kind plays a big role in Being a good role model. Showing kindness and being kind can be really inspirational to little kids. Because if you do something kind then little kids will follow in your footsteps and do something kind as well.

Secondly I think that taking responsibility is also good when you are being a role model. Taking responsibility means when someone is being disrespectful you need to take responsibility. Also have a talk with that person, it doesn’t have to be a harsh talking to. Just let them know that it is not respectful.

Thirdly, Being a good role model means you need to stay positive. If times are tough just be positive and fight through the pain. Keeping a smile on your face means a lot. If you stay positive no matter what it will show little kids that there is always a bright side to everything.

Taking responsibility, being positive and being kind are just a few things that make a good role model. If you have these 3 things then are an amazing role model. If you don’t then don’t worry just try your best and you will get there. Overall I think that being a good role model means having a big heart and being kind to everyone around you. That is What I think makes a good role model.

Task description:
Our writing for this week and last week was all about being a good role model. Most of us seniors are leaders so we should have a fair idea of what being a good role model means. This writing is explanation writing, meaning I am trying to explain what a good role model does or means.

Maths home work week 3

This week For home work I had to solve a variety of problems and I had to share How I worked them out. Each slide has my answers to each questions.  This is my home work for week 3. I  used different ways to solve the problems. My main focus was to find the main points to solve the question. #HomeLearrning2019


This week I read a book called smile, So I decided to do a book review it is also my literacy work and my homework, So I decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. P.S no birds were killed in the making of this task. But anyways I will be doing a lot more book reviews in the future and I hope you Guys like what I got to say about this book. #HomeLearning2019

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Compare and contrast

Today in extension, We had to compare the differences about the pt England way and the treaty of Waitangi. After we named the differences we had to do the similarities. We haven't quite finished but We are posting this now so we can compare our knowledge about the treaty of Waitangi now then what we will know at the end of the term.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019


Today in room 4 maths, Mrs Stone gave us an activity to do called Breakout. We were split into groups and had to solve out some puzzles. Breakout is basically some puzzles that you have to solve and put in the codes and BREAK OUT! Room 4 maths was having a race, to see which group would finish first. My group WON! We had to be positive and have teamwork. Using teamwork we came out as the winners!!!

Monday, 11 February 2019

Light house Blues

Image result for paul jennings short storiesToday in room 3 literacy Mrs Tele'a Read us A book called light house blues. We read Chapter 1 and 2, Our literacy work was to predict what was going to happen in chapter 3.  Here is My Prediction of chapter 3.
My version of chapter 3

They Both looked at each other, Anton put on his jacket not because he was cold only because he was scared. They walked back to the house, They went to bed. Suddenly Anton wakes up, He thought he saw someone. Anton saw a person with white hair and saw him playing the clarinet. He was scared, He started to panic.  He ignored it then he saw someone else, with brown hair and he was playing the saxophone. He started to act suspicious, He had a weird feeling that the people were stan's grandfather and father. The next morning Anton told Stan what he saw. A person playing the clarinet with white hair and another person playing the saxophone with brown hair. Stan was curious because the people in Anton’s Dream was the same people as Captain Rickard and Alan Rickard. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!
Task description: This task was all about predicting what the next chapter was. Also we had to listen actively to know what we were writing. We had to think creatively to write what we thought was going to be chapter three. After we wrote our version of chapter 3 we read the actual book and found out that some of our ideas were in the book.