Friday, 19 June 2015

Naomi Lighthouse

On a dull starless night there was a treacherous headland  below  the treacherous land there was a  village  with people celebrating in their cosy cottages . They were celebrating about a wedding.  

there was a lighthouse made out of old stones. In the lighthouse there was a lighthouse keeper in there.

The solitary man was working by a candle and he got annoyed by the villagers celebrating. While the Lighthouse keeper  was annoyed  he heard an unusual clanking noise from above him.

he went up stairs. The solitary man checked what was the  clunking noise when he went up stairs he brought his lantern with him and check the giant light bulb and it was broken.

The solitary man was not  lucky because a ship was coming  and it could not see without the light. The solitary man was worried  that he said ’’OH NO’’  the ship is coming and was going to crash into the village the solitary man went down stairs and opened the door to warn the villagers. The villagers were walking to the lighthouse with their lanterns. When the villagers came to the door with their lanterns  then and  they all went up stairs and they all  pretended to be the giant light and protect the village from the ship crashing the village.

Friday, 5 June 2015

My Netball game

On Thursday pt England school Netball teams went to there Game my netball team was called the All stars. The All stars coach is Diana and our manager is Norelle.

Shooting passing and throwing also bouncing we always practice even when some of the other  schools are playing on half  court we practice shooting the ball in the hoop so we get a lot of scores.

File:Netball League.jpg