Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Stick figures

So today I am doing the holiday blogging and today it is all about stick figures. what we are trying to do is draw some stick figures doing a variety of things like running, swimming and all kinds of thing. I thought I might draw a stick figure that is running because I like running. Here is a photo:
Task description: as you can tell the first paragraph very much covers what the task is. But as I said before we are doing stick figures because it is for the holiday blogging comp.


  1. Kia Ora Naomi,

    I really like your stick figure blog post it looks incredible. Will you be doing the extra task? I hope you keep blogging in the holidays & that you comment & do more over the holidays. We only have 3 days & 1 week so make the most of it until we go back to school. Can wait! Keep up the incredible work Naomi, I will be here to comment on your blog over the holidays by the way. Awesome work keep it up!


  2. Nice stick figure it awesome and incredible and amazing detail also what are you missing is what did you draw your stick figure did you drawled your pitcher on sumo paint?Anyways you done an amazing fantastic job keep it up.