Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Day 1 bonus activity SLJ

Bonus Activity: In Flanders Fields

As the new century dawned, New Zealanders settled into a period of relative calm. The calm lasted for about 15 years but came to a sudden end in 1914 when World War I erupted in Europe. The war lasted for almost five years and claimed the lives of 18,000 New Zealanders.

It also claimed the lives of thousands of men and women from countries around the world. Every year, we remember these brave men and women on ANZAC Day (25 April). Many people go to a special Anzac Day ceremony where they read a special poem that was written for the fallen soldiers. The poem is called ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae.

Read the poem. On your blog, tell us what you think of the poem. Do you like it? How does it make you feel?

It makes me feel very lucky to live in a beautiful, safe country like New Zealand. It also makes me feel sad for those who died in the war and for their families. I think that we are very lucky that they went to war and fought for our freedom. What do you think?

I think that the poem was good and meaningful it makes me feel very lucky that we have people brave enough to risk their lives for us. but also it makes me feel sad because of all the people risking their lives for us and I think their family's would have been sad that their loved one has pasted but have pasted for a good reason.
Task description: This is my bonus task and it is about anzac and about this poem. The poem is about the people who risked their lives for us and I have all the information in the paragraph that I just wrote.


  1. Hey there Naomi, great job on completing more activities.

    I like how you have analysed the poem and how you appreciate that you are safe in New Zealand in modern times. It really makes you grateful for all that the soldiers and people of this time have sacrificed.

    Hopefully our country never has to experience such a tragedy again!

    Keep up the fantastic blogging.


  2. Hey Naomi , I'm LJ from Tamaki Primary School . I'd just like to say, great job on the Summer Learning Journey . You're doing quite well . Keep the good work going . I like how you've said , you feel lucky . And yes , everyone is lucky to like in such a peaceful world . If it weren't for those soldiers sacrifices , How do you think the world would look today ? . Anyways ,good luck with the rest of the journey. .

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