Thursday, 8 February 2018

first post for 2018

Image resultwelcome to 2018 and to start off the great year I learnt a lot in Maths and literacy. I have 6 lovely teachers in our team. in literacy we learnt the the real meaning of the treaty of Waitangi. but also we read a story called the wave and we had to answer a variety of questions but I did not quite finish it. In maths we learnt squared roots and    and we did a problem solving thing that evolved us using four 4's and using equations to get the numbers 1-20. if you do not know what I am talking about I am so sorry it is because i thought it was something fun to share But I couldn't explain it properly.    That is some of the stuff I learnt this week.


Task description:
this is all about the start of the year and what I have learnt so far. it has been a great start of the year and this is my first post for 2018. I learnt a whole lot and I think that I am getting the hang of being in the intermediate block.

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  1. Fakalofa Lahi Atu Naomi,
    I really liked your post. I thought it was a really good explanation, it had a lot of detail and it was great. What I like about it is that you told us a lot and you said the main points.