Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Me , Hinerangi and Bethan's swift playground work

Bethan’s review of commands and functions:
Commands and functions are very important things in code that lets start with commands. Commands are the instructions we use to control anything we want on the computer, ipad, or even your mobile phone but in our case we were using a little character called Byte. To control Byte we had to make him follow our commands when we put in more than one we made a sequence. A sequence is a group of commands put together to make a set of instructions. Functions are a group of commands put together to make one command so before we we had turn right we only had turnleft so that was when we added them together three times and created turnright.

Naomi’s review on the commands and functions:
My experience on swift playground was very easy on commands. But when we pasted commands we went to functions but I know functions are supposed to be helpful but it was kind of tricky. The only reason why it was tricky was because we were kind of used to commands and the function just messed up the code so we had to find a code that included the functions and our commands.But overall it was fun and had a lot of thinking involved.

Hinerangi’s review on code commands and functions:
These type of codings especially commands and functions was very hard but at the same time it was a bit easy. The commands and functions on swift playground can be a bit hard but it is very important that you understand it which is what myself and my teammates need to improve on. Command means a type of instruction which tells specifically what a computer, tablet and a phone needs to do. Overall it was awesome and fun especially having to work as a team / group, as well as having everyone communicating in these types of code.

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