Thursday, 27 July 2017

space Narrative

I’ve been in space for about a week now. Pikachu and I Have been searching for a planet to live on with all the earthlings. Why are we looking for a new planet? Well The plants aren’t growing and the season have been changing everyday, there are huge earthquakes and heaps of the kids are scared. We need a new home ASAP!

After a long search we finally found a planet , we landed and like the scenery.  “Wait what's that… Watch OUT!” Another spaceship was attacking us. They wanted the planet as well. “ what are we gonna do! There's no way we can defeat them” I said. I looked closer and it was nothing that me and Pikachu have seen before, It was an alien with a pig head. It was a Piglien.

Me and Pikachu VS The two alien pig heads A.K.A Pigliens. It was WAR! Luckily we brought Space blasters, We took them out and started shooting the space ship… BOOM! “ Yay we hit it!” I said, a few seconds later another one comes out of nowhere and hits our space ship. “ NO! How are we gonna go back home.. WE'RE STUCK HERE! We quickly shot there spaceship and luckily there were no more left. The big problem was “How are we gonna get back home!”

As we were thinking for several minutes, we thought we saw an asteroid but as it came closer it was actually a NASA satellite. It crashed on the ground and Pikachu and I ran to it and refigured the wiress and It started working. “ Yay… At last!” We hopped in and went back home. “ But how are we gonna get everybody to the planet” Said pikachu “ we might just have to tell the news report people all over the world and say that we need to evacuate earth and move to the new planet called Planet Zycon.

Nasa had a lot of big space ships and getting people in and out actually took 2 years and 2 months it was hard work but it was worth it. Living in our new home we actually had no homes and building some more took a few  more than 2 years.There were no countries everybody was just A Zyconion.

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