Sunday, 9 July 2017

WLJ Day 2 activity 2

Activity 2: As an island nation, New Zealand is completely surrounded by water. It is the perfect place for people who like to swim or to sail! While in Dargaville, recovering from your busy day of sightseeing, you notice a number sailboats going by. One of the boats is manned by a young German girl named Laura Dekker. At the age of fourteen she sailed around the world the entire world by herself. You can watch a short video clip about her adventures here: Laura Dekker sailing trip.   
Let’s imagine that you had the chance to interview Laura while in Dargaville. On your blog post five questions that you would ask her:
1st question: Hi Laura, when did you learn how to sail?
2nd question: How long did it take you to sail around the world ... BY YOURSELF!?
3rd question: How much time do you spend on the water? do you ever play a sport involving a ball?
4th question: If you were to choose the choice of sailing and discovering new things by yourself or stay on land with your friends and family?
5th question: final question, did you know every where you were going or did you need a GPS?
Task description: This task is about me asking well writing questions that i would ask Laura Dekker. if you did not know she is the youngest sailor to travel around the whole world by herself. guess what she was only 14 years old!

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  1. Kia ora Naomi,

    It is pretty amazing to think that Laura was only 14 years old, isn't it? I think that she was so brave and so strong to embrace the challenge of sailing around the world all by herself (and to accomplish it). Wow! I really hope that she is able to come to New Zealand one day so that we can meet her and ask her more about her experiences. Like you, I'd definitely want to ask her if she had the use of a GPS on her trip or if she had to rely on older, more conventional methods, like a compass. Have you ever used a compass to help you find your way? My dad is an outdoor education teacher and he taught my sister (Leigh) and I how to use compasses when we were quite young. We used to love tracking through the forests in Canada with our compass...

    I hope that you and your family have had a nice holiday together and enjoyed some quality time. It looks like you had a cool trip up the Northland recently. I'm off to read all about it next!

    Rachel :)