Tuesday, 11 July 2017

WLJ day 4 bonus activity

Bonus Activity: Hector’s dolphins are a very special native animal found only in New Zealand. They are the smallest dolphin in the world measuring 1.5 metres long and they are quite rare. Sadly, many Hector’s dolphins are killed every year when they get caught in large fishing nets and can’t escape. Some people have argued that fishermen shouldn’t be allowed to fish in Farewell Spit in order to protect the dolphins living there. What do you think? On your blog, tell us whether you think that fishing in Farewell Spit should be banned (stopped):
Stop killing our Native Animals! I think that fisherman should be band from throwing fishing nets in farewell spit. Because what have they done to deserve this unnecessary Eradication. They are native do you want to kill our native animal? there will be less if you do. if this gets even worst I am going to call the prime minister and report about this.
Task description: This is day 4 and my bonus activity. I will be posting day 3 bonus activity later on today.


  1. Kia Ora Naomi,

    I am really enjoying your blog post's ofr the WLJ proggrame, I have been checking out so many post's of yours and it has been really awesome as well as being creative, Hope you are enjoying your holiday's so far Naomi. Keep up the great work & keep blogging. Enjoy the rest of your holidays...

    Your friend,

  2. Kia ora Naomi,

    I am pleased to see that you have tackled all of the activities from Day #4. They are the most challenging of the whole week as they really require you to think carefully and critically about some tricky issues that face us here in New Zealand. I have enjoyed your views and learning more about what you think should be done in Farewell Spit to protect the whales and the Hector's dolphins who live there.

    I hope that we're able to find a way to stop trapping and accidentally killing the dolphins. They are a very special and unique mammal and one that, without our help, is unlikely to survive. I agree with that we have to take this issue seriously and we have to be prepared to advocate (fight for) the dolphins, if the need arises.

    I'm really impressed by your post, Naomi. You've shown great consideration and critical thinking skills!