Tuesday, 22 September 2015

better work stories

My aspiration for the future is a policewoman. I want to be a policewoman because i want to help people when they're in danger. I also want to be a policewoman so if someone needs my help I can be there.

What does a policewoman do?
A police woman or man’s job depends on what job they are doing. There are two parts of the job like they could be at the jail or they are in the police car to see if someone is stealing, speed driving or getting there dog to sniff the bad guys pocket to see if they are stealing drugs.

What equipment and clothes does a policewoman need.

A policewoman wears a navy blue uniform on the two parts of the job. They also have to wear a equipment belt so they can get there things fast. Policewoman's wear police hat, a police belt and a police badge.

How can you become this?
You can become a policewoman after university or and have good grades at  college. You can become a policewoman by applying for the job and getting an interview with the boss then they will give you a cv. When you’ve filled it out the boss will read it and see if you got the job or not.

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