Thursday, 29 October 2015

Non stop cricket

On a freeze cold day room 11&12 played a game called Non stop cricket. When we got to the slippery grass we started playing Non stop cricket. Rm 11 was batting & Rm 12 was Fielding.
While we were playing our bodies got warm because we were sprinting back & forth. While me and my team were playing we were gasping for breath. One of the boys team were sneaky because instead of running back & forth there batter had their legs wide open and moved their hands back & forth but not their legs
                             batting & fielding
When it was my turn to bat, I said ’’ YAY’’. As I was batting I hit the ball Amazingly far. When it was my class's turn to field I got 5 or 4 tennis balls. I had so much fun sprinting for the ball I slipped when I bended over to get the ball.

 I had the best time playing Non stop cricket. After playing Non stop cricket we lined up in two lines and went back to class.


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