Monday, 7 December 2015

Lolie Raptor

What is a loli raptor? well a loli raptor is a dinosaur that loves lollies but he eats meat for dinner and heaps of lollies for desert. It was a dinosaur that lived in the late cretaceous period. The name loile raptor means loile robber so it robs other dinosaurs lollies.

paragraph 1:features-body parts
Standing only on two legs (biped),amor on his back, club tail, sharp teeth and little hands.

paragraph 2:habitat
The lollie raptor habitat was mostly the forest because that's where most of the dinosaurs. Where it lived was south america. Also lived 65 million years ago.

paragraph 3:
its diet was meat and lollies because he loved eating lollies he would sleep all day and hunt all night. He would hunt all night because all of the other dinosaurs will be sleeping then he can steal other dinosaurs lollies.


Lollie raptor was a fast,stealing,mean dinosaur.  

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