Thursday, 2 July 2015

Naomi Matariki

Matariki is the maori new year and it is about the seven stars and they are all sisters and the biggest star is the oldest star and her name is Matariki. The other thing about Matariki is that heaps of people celebrate on that week or night and sometimes they can see the seven stars up in the sky.

One Story of the Origins of Matariki

Papatuanuku the earth mother and Ranginui the sky father they were together and tane mahuta separated them to bring light so all of his brothers.

how to see Matariki

you can see Matariki in late May and early June. You can see Matariki in the northeast horizon
and in half an hour before dawn.

Maori New Year - Traditional Celebrations
As the sun rises there will be a whole lot of things like kumara potato and cabbage. As you will be calmed there will be preparation for you ahead and time of remembrance.


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