Thursday, 30 June 2016

Naomi superhero (Rebel)

Walt: plan stories with a complete orientation, problem, and resolution

Character Description:
Rebel is actually a good superhero even though her name is like a villain name. She has the power to fly and to shoot ropes out of her hands to trip bad guys so they can’t run away from her and her last power is to teleport so she can go anywhere at anytime.

As Rebel laid in her bed with a big bowl of ice cream she thought to herself “I feel a little bit bored”. So Rebel raced to her closet got her uniform and got ready. She went outside and flew to auckland city to see if there were any trouble happening at that second.  

That instant Rebel heard an alarm it was coming from the Auckland bank. The evil villain DR Roberts was robbing the bank and everybody was so scared so they ran outside. So Rebel flew down and tried to catch DR Robert  but he was to fast for Rebel. So Rebel used her teleportation to get to the bank and evacuate the people inside.

After getting  the people out of the bank she used her teleportation to get closer to Dr Roberts but then she had nothing to fight with. Then a second later Rebel Just remembered that she had powers to shoot ropes out of her hands. So she shot a rope to tie Dr Roberts feet so he can fall. She teleport-ed to Dr Roberts and got the stolen money from him then returned it to the bank.

So then Rebel was walking to the supermarket when she got a call from the prime minister John key he wanted to reward Rebel. He wanted to reward her for catching Dr Roberts and returning the money that was stolen from him too and also evacuating the harmless people in the bank . So she got a medal for the best superhero in Auckland, New Zealand.

After saving the day Rebel received her medal as she waved goodbye flying in the air. Rebel was so tired she  went straight home laid in her bed with her big bowl of ice cream and waited for the next day to arrive.

Task Description: This task is a writing to match my superhero art for the art gallery next week at Pt England school Auckland,New Zealand. My writing is about a superhero named Rebel but she is made up by me.  Why we are doing at is to match our theme for this term it is (as i see it).

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