Thursday, 23 June 2016

My maori warrior

His heart was pounding as the giant moa chased after him. He felt like he couldn’t move his legs. But luckily he  managed to escape the moa. In the cold forest the Maori warrior still heard the moas voice screeching loudly.  The warrior had interesting tattoos covering his body. His clothes were made with only leaves and feathers. Soon he became so tired and went to sleep on the forest floor.

In the morning the warrior was woken up by a familiar sound. It was the moa. “How did it find me?” he said. It had followed his footprints and used its sense of smell. Once again the warrior ran through the forest. Looking back he could see that the moa was getting closer and closer. His heart was pounding like never before. Running for his life he took a big breath of air before he jumped off a cliff and into the ocean.

Landing in the ocean the warrior struggled to get back to shore. As he stepped out of the water he found some leaves and dried himself clean. But the leaves were poisonous! “OH no!” he screamed before he fainted. After several hours, the warrior woke up to find several moa surrounding him. He felt frightened and quickly stood up. He tried running left, right, up and down but he kept on getting knocked to the middle by the moa.

Suddenly the warrior realised that he was surrounded by mother nature. He thought to himself “I should fight back!”. At that instant the warrior ran to a tree and broke down a sharp branch and started to point it at the moa. He swung the branch like a taiaha. But the warrior only killed one moa. The rest ran back into the forest. The warrior was lucky to survive.

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  1. Wow thats an interesting story there.. how scary! Lucky he got away in the end.