Friday, 3 June 2016

Naomi superhero story

On a peaceful day with the birds chirping the sun shining iron man was relaxing on his day off. Then suddenly he hears an unpeaceful sound “ I wonder what that sound was” iron man said. It was kids screaming! But Why? iron man thought,  he looked outside his window and the robots have come from a spaceship .

“ They are going to destroy Pt England school” iron man said with a deep angry voice, with a blink of an eye iron man raced to the school and finds a lot of robots. Iron man tried to call the avengers for help but they were on another mission they were getting hulk's head out of the tuba again. “ What I guess it's just me then” iron man said.

BOOM!! BASH!! KA-POW! Iron man took three robots down, ok now i have to get the kids out of the classes iron man thought WOOOO the fire alarm went off to get the kids quickly moving. “Now that the kids are gone me and the robots can destroy you and the school” the leader of the robots said.

RING RING The avengers called they got hulk's head out of the tuba and now they can fight with him” avengers assemble”. Boom!! “ HULK SMASH” Hulk took down 30 of the robots  now 113 to go. POW!! BASH!! BANG!! BOOM!! WHAM!! They destroyed 87 robots now 26 to go “I got this” hulk said “Hulk Smash” he destroyed all of the robots.

But there was still one more it was the leader he was strong, huge and undefeatable. Trying their best their was nothing to do except for one thing “it is to dangerous” said black widow, “it’s our only hope” said thor. “ fine but if we die then the robot is going to destroy everyone” said black widow.

They all huddled up using everyone’s power putting it all in thor’s hammer. They did anything to help the poor kids. “Thor throw it” said Clint barton. With all thor’s power he threw his hammer to the huge robot to destroy him. “ He is destroyed Yay we did it without getting killed.   

YAY!! They defeated them Ok now we have to fix the school. After building the school it looked brand new. The Avengers replaced all of the devices and the students  did a big thank you to the avengers and especially Iron man for hearing us and saving us. After a hard day of work they all celebrated at the arcade. OH No a kid got stuck in a claw machine. Hahaha The END

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