Friday, 10 June 2016

Superhero writing

In a peaceful village iron man was relaxing until he got a phone call from his teammates, he got a call saying “ Iron man we need you quick the ultron’s have invaded earth. Oh No how could this happen. Iron man rushed to his closet grabbed his suit and got quickly dressed. Racing out to the city iron man saw heaps of spaceships. “ Avengers Assemble” Hawk eye said.

“ We need to get the people away from the spaceships and the ultron robots” scarlet said, Pow hawk eye shot from his arrow hitting the robots. “ quicksilver use your super-speed to wrap the robots together” captain america said with a loud voice. They all raced to the spaceships and tried to destroy the ultron’s. The ultron’s were so slow so the avengers had to go to the next bunch.

“ There are too much robots do you think we can defeat them all” captain america said frighteningly . They had no choice but to use their secret ability it is to use all of their powers at the same time and put it all into Thor's hammer. “ It is too dangerous we might die” black widow said with a frown.  “ it’s our only hope” hawk-eye said “ OK let's do it” scarlet said.

So they all did it and put their powers into Thor's hammer, BOOM!! The ground was shaking.  Thor hit the ground with his hammer he tried his best. It was so foggy they couldn't see if the robots were defeated or not. They look around and they saw no robots just defeated ones that are on the ground. “YAY we did it without dieing” black widow said.

“Let’s celebrate on me” thor said happily, they all went to the acade “oh no some kid got his hands stuck in the bowling ball. “ I will get the butter” captain america said then they all laughed” hahahaha”. So they all lived with joy after defeating the robots. THE END

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