Friday, 10 June 2016

40 hour famine writing

I am taking part in this years 40 hour famine and I am in the yellow team with one the edge person and one of the smash person as my team leader. Why we are doing this is to donate for the people in Syria and we had to do the 20 hour famine because we are only kids in primary. What i've been up to so far is just playing in the hall, playing basketball, and doing karaoke, my favourite part was when we had to do our group item my team came last but who cares it was only year 5's creating the dance and one year 8 dancing with us.


  1. Did you survive the 20hours? Was it hard? It looks like you guys had loads of fun and I'm sure you have raised lots of money for the people in Syria. Well done!

  2. So proud of you honey :) and you even fund raised and collected the money all by yourself... Super Proud of you!