Thursday, 29 June 2017

back in da day (production)

I really loved the production and the best thing about it was how we all worked as a team and people like makayla, paikea and aj had to learn new bits off by heart in a day. I loved our dance and how we all worked together to make it and when we performed it, it was amazing. I do not think I would want to change it but if I could make it better I would say that we needed one more day to learn our scripts and learn when we are going to say it, because heaps of people were talking over people but that’s okay. It was also funny because when we were on all of the little kids in the front were clapping for us when our dance was over. To be honest I was so scared, I don’t know why but I thought that I was going to forget my lines (even though I did not have many lines) . I really liked how when we were not on stage our friends would always encourage us to not be scared on stage. Also the thing that I could do better is put more expression into what I was saying, because I am the mum I need to put more anger into what I said.  Overall I would say that we did an amazing, awesome, magnificent and wonderful job.

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