Thursday, 21 August 2014

Why is it impotent to eat healthy food

Eating healthy food can make you strong and helps you run fast. It is impotent to eat h eathy so you can learn and live. If you don't eat healthy you might get sick. 

Your food goes into your mouth and our saliva,teeth and tongue helps to chew our food. After you chewd your food it goes into your osophagus down to your stomach and gets mushed in our acid. Your small intestine mushs your food into liquid.

When you eat the wrong food you get tired or un happy if you eat the right food nothing we'll happen. Healthy food can give you a lot of energy and healthy brain. Eating healthy can make you happy.

If you eat an healthy foodyou  might get fat and you can't learn. Eating an healthy food can make you tired. If you don't eat the right food you'll be sick.

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