Friday, 26 February 2016

Franks interesting adventure

Walt: write stories with a complete orientation, problem, and resolution

Once upon a time in a nice and peaceful land, there was a gingerbread man named Frank. Frank he is smart and helpful man. When he crossed the road, he saw an old lady crossing the Frank helped her. As frank walked he saw a creek. He wanted to sit at the creek, and have some alone time.

Suddenly a big fat whale appeared. Frank was terrified, he tried running and singing the gingerbread song. But the whale jump on land, and swallowed  Frank he was scared.

He tried pushing and pushing him but nothing was working, then he realized it was so disgusting in the whale  he was going to make it more gross by throwing up.

Then he had a clever idea but however someone else was in there it was a pirate. Frank  and the pirate huddled up, and started talking and they came up with a great idea. They were going to tickle the whale until they came out. So then they started to tickle the whale then SPLASH!  they came out. The bad thing is Frank could not swim. dun dun Dunn

task description : what I learnt today was to write our own storys

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