Friday, 18 March 2016

little red riding wolf

walt: what i did was to write a story and retell it

Far far away in a mysterious land where wolves can talk and chat  there lived a wolf called little red riding wolf Little red (for short),she had a amazing red patch of fur and little red tiny boots . Little red loved hanging out with her  sweet old grandma. A few minutes later mamma wolf told Little red “ Dear your grandma is very sick would you mind walking to her house to give her these bones” Little Red replied “ Yes mum I would love to see my sweet old granny”.

So then she went walking into the windie forest and saw the big bad girl. Little red was frighted and told where she was going So she didn't get eaten, so then she ran backwards and lost the big bad girl. But surprisingly the big bad girl got to grandmas cave first and locked grandma in a cage. The big bad girl dressed up as grandma with a fur coat.

Little red arrived at grandma cave and noticed something was wrong and said “granny what small eyes you have”   “all the better not to see” granny replied “what small ears you have” all the better not hear “ she replied. Then suddenly the big bad girl's dad came in the cave and saw his daughter. Little red riding wolf ran for her life and never saw the big bad girl again.

After the big bad girl got caught she got grounded for going off into the woods by herself. After little red went off she forgot about her granny so she went back and saved her granny. So little red lived happily ever after

task description: my task was to watch little red riding hood and retell it but with a twist. what we did Mr Goodwin put on a 10 minute timer and write a paragraph in that amount of time.

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