Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Naomi Comic Writing Template

Walt: use onomatopoeia in our writing.
BOOM!!  Black canary hits the big orange giant. ZOOM!! Green arrow comes in with a lot of new arrows., “ hey Black Canary want to see my new arrows” Green arrow said, “ the last time you had new arrows you almost blew up the whole city and nearly killed us” black canary said.

“Nearly i am going to try them thanks” green arrow said. whack!! The helium arrow, mightiest arrow, ooze arrow, magnetic arrow, bug-size arrow but that one did not work out as planned he turned tiny then with a blink of an eye he turned bigger than ever. “sorry “ green arrow said, Bang!!! Wrecking ball arrow. POW!! Smashing the big oranges bricks black canary was mad at green arrow.
The last arrow was the best one ever the got to go arrow. “Green arrow” black canary said with a angry voice. THE END

If you want to see the video click this link

Task description: what I did was I had to listen to my teacher miss ayton to know what I was going to do. The next thing was to do another presentation it was a comic book presentation. then I had to do this writing with speech, onomatopoeia and story that is like how many sentences I am going to do.

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