Friday, 30 September 2016

Make kindness go viral everybody

Hi everyone today has been a great day why because i had a good sleep, good breakfast and also it was a nice and sunny day.  Today I showed kindness to my dad he had a long hard morning well not long but hard morning laying concrete. We came home and there was a lot of clothes to fold so I was a good girl and folded all of the clothes. and here is a picture.
   Also I know he won't be looking at my blog but I would like to say Happy birthday to my Nice funny Uncle and his name is Rick so it is my Uncle Rick He is turning __. Also now that my chores is finish i can have a special treat. CAKE!! thank you all for reading my blog hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays and have a great day to my Uncle Rick.


  1. Hi again

    I see that holiday has been a gra time and great job for helping your dad fter a hard ay. Hope you have a great time.

    from daisy

  2. Well done Naomi. What a cool thing to do for your family. Have you been reading any books in your holidays so far?