Thursday, 17 November 2016

MOTAT adventure

Image result for motatGetting off the bus Me and Jorelle are busting to go toilet we ask the teacher and run straight down. Coming out of the toilet “where’s our class” we look everywhere and we still can’t find them we looked in the gaming room, the village and still did not find them. We started to panic we checked in the toilets and no students.

As the time passed we saw the students getting on the bus we run as fast as are legs could go. We ran and ran but we missed the bus. Stuck at Motat. Looking around Me and Jorelle were wondering what to do next.  We were panicking and panicking and didn’t know what to do.

We ran to the gaming room and BOOM! The lights turned off. They were screaming and they didn’t know were each other were. Running around to see where they were jorelle falls and faints on the ground. “Oh No”.“Naomi Naomi Get up and get ready for school or your gonna be late” Said My Mum “What where am I aren’t I at motat?” I replied. “That was a dream” Mum said and I replied “  Oh”.

Task description: This is a fake story about My crazy adventure at M.o.t.a.t we could pick any of our friends or teachers to be alone and stay the night there. Why we did this is because we had to write an adventure but in a full narrative.

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