Friday, 16 December 2016

The last day of school for 2016

Hello Again Today was probably the most saddest day of the year because I had to say goodbye to the best school, teachers and friends. Today was also sad Because The yr 8 people were leaving it was so sad that this was the last time seeing them because they were crying because they did not want to leave this beautiful. I did not want to leave either but we had to I also cried because My home room teacher was leaving and because I will not see my friends until 2017.  

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  1. Talofa lava Naomi!

    This was a sad post! I hope you're not missing your friends too much!

    You don't know me yet, but I am Mark, a teacher working for the Summer Learning Journey you signed up for at the end of the term. I am just going around the different student blogs to encourage them to join in!

    The Summer Learning Journey these holidays is all about travel and learning about different cultures. It's got heaps of activities and is quite exciting once you get into it. I hope you join in with your classmates soon!

    One of the cool things about the programme is that you and your friends can comment on each others blogs for extra points! There are even people like me and locals from some of the countries you are working on commenting as well.

    In any case, whether you join in or not, I hope you have a good summer holiday and keep learning and reading all the way through!

    Kia kaha!