Thursday, 14 June 2018

Team building recount

The day arrived, when the yr 8’s left to go camp, and the year 7’s stayed at school. The year 8’s left and all the year 7’s were jumping with joy. The  year 7’s got to do team building! What is team building? Well it is 3 days of absolute fun! It pretty much is working together as a team and trying to get to know other people better. We had 6 groups and a score board. I was in the Blue Dogs (the blue team). There were a variety of activities but I am going to talk about 1 thing, how we failed at SLIME!

It was our first day doing team building and we had to do our rotations. It was our first thing to do. What was it? We were making SLIME!  Slimy, gooey, messy, those are all the words that explained what we were doing, and making. Slimy, gooey stuff that spilled everywhere, It was sticky, it was runny and it was gross!  We spilled it everywhere, not just on the table but also on the floor!

Some of us made slime and some of us didn’t, but it was because of the glue. We followed all of the instructions. But we still failed. We wondered why? But that's when we realized that the glue  that we used was the wrong one. So we wasted most of the ingredients to try and help, but the more we put in ingredients the more of a clean up we had to do later. everything was on the floor My group had to stay and clean up. That was my least favourite thing about the whole 3 days. But it was actually fun.

Overall I would say that I had a fun time. It was also kind of funny how much mess 1 group can make in 30 mins. Everything spilled on the ground and mostly everywhere but we all had fun and all worked as a team and cleaned up the mess that we made. So from my perspective I think that it was fun,it was a good way to spend time with our friends and I would definitely do it again!

Task description:
This task is A recount when the year 8's went to their leadership camp and the year 7's got left behind and did fun activity's. In this piece of writing I am talking about how My group made a mess and made something that was supposed to be slime. 

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