Friday, 29 July 2016

If I was an Olympic athlete

Have you ever been trained for something special before? Well I have been training for 4 hard rough and nervous years and now the time has come. I can finally go to the Olympic events in Rio 2016  I am going to become a champion and bring home a gold medal.

The aim of the game is to jump over all the hurdles and sprint to the finish line. If you are wondering what is an hurdle, it is a high wooden frame that people jump over and run to the finish line. The track is straight so when they jump they don't jump diagonally and fall. If you make one hurdle fall down it does matter just try your best.   

The country I am representing at the Rio Olympics is New Zealand This is my home town and I love it here. I really want to represent New Zealand because If I come first and which I will then I can be the next valerie adams but in hurdles. Representing New Zealand has a lot of responsibility and heaps of people cheering on for you. When you represent New Zealand you get to hold the New Zealand flag and people at home watching they get excited and you feel happy you are going to faint.  

I am feeling so pumped that I am going to compete against the best of the best. I am really determined to compete against other people in hurdles. I am really nervous because I do not know what these people are capable of. If I come first I am going to burst into tears and jump for joy.

My thoughts towards the Rio Olympics is it is gonna be cool and nervous because we are going in front of the whole entire world. My other thoughts towards the Rio Olympics is that New Zealand people in the Olympics should try hard to bring home a gold medal.

Task description: what I did for this writing is I have to write about me if I was going to the Rio Olympics and competing. do not worry I am not going to the Rio Olympics and all of this writing is fake except for how to play hurdles, and my thought towards The Rio Olympics.

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