Friday, 5 August 2016

The Olympic games starts today

Walt: use a plan when writing.

Today is Friday the 5th of august 2016 do you know what that means it's the start of the Rio Olympics YAY!! Finally after 4 years of hard training the Olympics has come back and is ready to go. I am so looking forward to the Rio Olympics the last time I saw it I was 5 and now I am so happy it is back.

What I am excited about is seeing all of the Olympic players and all of the sports. Also I am excited to hear the National Anthem of other country's. I am Also excited to watch the Rio Olympics because I haven't seen it in four years and because I have learned about Olympics and I really want to see it.

The sport I am most looking forward to is shot put and sprints. Why I am interested is because Valerie Adams A New Zealander shot putting  and representing our country. Also because Usain Bolt is racing and he is the fastest man in the world and I want to spot him drinking Gatorade because that is one of the sponsor sponsoring Usain Bolt.

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