Tuesday, 30 August 2016

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Walt: Think Critically About what you read 

Task Description: I am giving Advice To James Yoddle. His he wants to be a Olympian weight lifter at the 2020 Olympics, but that is not the the problem. He needs a fitness watch but he does not know which one to choose between fit-bit and the Garmin vivo-fit?
Why we learned this is so we could understand false advertising and stop James from doing the wrong thing and buying the wrong watch. How advertising works is by the marketers of a product using advertising to make it sound like they are the best product, and they are better than all of the other products.  You need to be a critical reader to see through false advertising.

Fitbit Ad   Garmin vivo fit here are the Advert's that I viewed to help James Yoddle make his decision.

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