Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Newspaper towers

Walt: write a recount about our experience.

Would you want to spend 5 minutes building a tower… out of newspapers?  Well my teacher might be crazy, because he thought that newspapers can stand free. On its own.

When I was told we were making towers made out of papers (from Mr Goodwin) I had no idea what I was going to plan. We had to get in groups of 4-6. Anyways when we were on the mat and I was thinking in My head what to do while he was talking. He nearly caught me.

n our groups of 6 there was Daisy,Amelia,Makayla,Paikea, Trendy and Me (Naomi) . As we got into our groups we got handed a sheet of paper to plan in. We all shared our Ideas into the paper, but some of us still needed to be confident and speak up. We had a great plan to make the paper into little balls and then build up.

As I was talking about our great plan, it failed. So we started another plan we put the little balls at the bottom and then got the other papers and rolled them up, we put them like they were little tubs. We were rushing and rushing because we wanted the big prize (the prize for the winners) . But as the time went by our tower started to fall and our big creation failed.

This was a very fun and noisy lesson making a paper tower is really hard. But the thing I liked about it was the teamwork we had to do to build the tower, because everybody was cooperating with each other and it was really cool. The thing that we need to work on more to build the tower was trying to build it. But it really didn’t matter who won because the prize was glory.

Task description: Yesterday our class got the chance to become builders and we built a tower... a newspaper tower. We had to build a paper tower free standing. So whoever won wins a big prize and that prize was not big nor cool it was glory.


  1. You must of had a great time doing it in our group. Well I really didn't have a great time doing the newspaper tower. Great story!

  2. Hi Honey, your writing is getting better each time i read your stories. Keep up the great work :) PS... Building a tower with paper is really hard! - Love Mum

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