Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Castaway Island

 Walt: Write from the 1st person.

“WHAT?” I said loudly, I look around and I see a lot of sand and water. “Where am I” I said, I try to look around if there were any people around to help . I start to panic, I have no Idea where i have landed. I tried to pull my air boat back to the sea but it pops on a sharp piece of stone.

I tried to gather everything that I could see to make shelter “ Maybe I could make shelter out of this popped boat”. I found flax and from my school experience I knew that to make rope you need flax. I start weaving and it is starting to look  more like rope. I use the rope/flax to hold the sticks that I got together. I made the roof out of fronds (Big leaves) . I was thinking “ what should I do with this boat to make it useful again” so then I had an Idea, I would use it as my blanket and the rest of my leaves as a bed, “Uhh Yay I'm finished” I said exhaustively.

“Ohh man i’m starving” I said with a little echo following. I tried to sharpen a stick with a shell to make a hook to catch some fish.  “Ouch” I said curiously, A coconut just fell from a tree and dropped on my head. I was thinking how could I cook this fish, “wait i can make a umu (hangi) but how do I make fire” I start to gather some sticks and some grass to make a fire. It is not as easy as you think. “Man this is nice” I said with excitement.

How can I make a signal for people to contact me? Then it hit me I would make a fire with a lot of smoke. I grabbed some greens (fronds,grass, smaller leaves ) and some sticks. I start rubbing the dry sticks together but it would not work I would kept trying and trying and then suddenly some smoke started to come up I blew on it and… “yes, a fire”. I put the leaves on the fire and some smoke accidentally came up my nose.  I made a help sign by drawing on the sand with a stick and I waited and waited.

“ what is that loud sound” I said curiously. I waved my hands up in the air and they saw the smoke and the help sign. They came down to the rescue and I climbed on the ladder that came down. “ Thank you so much” I said happily “ I can finally have some real food like KFC”.

Task description: This writing is about me ( The castaway) but it was not real it is a narrative. it is telling how I survived on a mysterious island. It is talking about what technology I used to survive and it goes with My term topic "Now that's Thinking!" which is a technology topic.

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