Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Immersion assembly

WALT: using exciting language

Now That's thinking? You might be thinking, what does that mean? well I am going to tell you. “Now That’s thinking” is what our school topic is this term. This morning our school had an assembly well not a normal assembly an immersion assembly we have one every term on the first day back from the holidays. We have it so we know what we are learning about, but also in a fun way and our term topic (Now that’s thinking ) is learning about the history of using technology.

As I said this terms topic is “ Now that’s thinking” but I never told you what all the teams are doing.  Each team showed us what they are learning by a movie or actions, they were all great and helpful. Team 1-3 are learning about kites and matariki, and  team 5 (the seniors) they are learning how they can change the things around them and make it better and also there topic is bob the builder. Mr burt was talking about old computers and he was showing us the old and the new technology that Pt England has been using.

Finally team 4 ( My team) we are learning about the technology maori people used before the europeans came to New zealand.  How we presented what we were learning was by a movie and in that movie showed a lot of the teachers Ideas and what they think we should learn about this term. The first Idea came from Mr Goodwin and you might already know that Ideas from him are kind of crazy because of what happened last term…. Eating worms. The second idea was a lot better, it was learning about things in the past and how has it changed since. All of the teachers were looking around and found books that told them when things were created. They were so amazed by how many years it had been since people created things.

What do I want to do for this term? Well I want to learn about my culture (Maori) and find research of how they lived and managed to survive. Also I want to learn about how they made their houses and also I want to learn what they did before pre european. I hope we also do more drawing  because looking at our class there is a lot of old art. It would also be cool to not look at just team 4’s term topic, we could also make stuff like technology and how to make our environment more clean.

I think that the new term topic is going to be extraordinary! Because there is a lot of history and stuff we didn't know about maori people. We might even get to touch and look at some old technology since our theme is about technology and history. I hope we get to make the same technology that maori used to survive with.

Task description: this task is all about this term and our school term topic. we are learning about old technology and history about new Zealand. this writing is about our immersion assembly and what we are learning.


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  2. Fantastic work you have done an awesome job at writing and I hope you keep that up for the whole term and year. Try to get better too.
    Love from Trendy

    1. thanks trendy, I read your piece of writing and it was amazing.

      From Naomi