Sunday, 30 April 2017

Guardians of the galaxy vol.2

Image result for guardians of the galaxy 2today My family went to go see guardians of the galaxy vol.2 and it was amazing. the cinemas we went to was in botany.  I liked the movie because it had a lot of action in it and it was cool at the same time. at the movie we got ice cream, frozen cokes and popcorn ( of course). I would not want to spoil it for you guys but I want to say again that the movie was cool. My Favorite character was groot because he was so cute in the movie.

Task description: I know it is Sunday but I am posting my Friday blog post now because I forgot to post it on my blog on Friday.

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  1. Hi Naomi

    Lucky you! I liked Part 1 of this movie. I'm glad to hear that Part 2 was cool. I hope that you have had a great holiday.

    Mrs Lagitupu