Saturday, 15 April 2017

Fate 8

Image result for fate 8Today I used My movie voucher at reading cinemas in Lynn mall . the movie that I watched was the fate of the furious also known as fate 8. as we got to Lynn Mall it was packed so it took us like 13 mins to get a parking. we went in the mall and we had no idea where we were going because it was my first time at Lynn mall and my aunty that came with me has been there but hasn't been there in a long time. the movie was awesome but I do not want to spoil it for the people who want to watch it. all I can say was it was really cool an had a lot of action in it. Thanks for reading and please check out my other posts to.

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Task description: this is a blog post all about how my day went and what happend today. this is not a task it is more like a holiday blogging kind of thing.

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    What an amazing post you have created about what movie you saw and where you went to go see it. Anyways I would like to say amazing work and please feel free to send me a comment. Keep up the amazing work Naomi, Oh and say hi to Trendy for me will you. Amazing work Naomi...

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