Friday, 14 April 2017

Free writng

When Olivia ( Me) was young I would always go to the arcade and play PAC man it was my favorite game to play. All the I would go and walk down the street and play some PAC man. It was my favorite game until everything started to change My whole life. as I grew older the game would get older and older. I tried to go to the arcade Now that I am 24, but the game was gone.

I was looking and looking all over for it but I would never find it. I looked outside, behind games and even in the toilet. I was so worried . growing up as a child it would be the game that kept me satisfied for hours and hours. I would always want it at my house in my room but it was too expensive.

The next morning I got a surprise in my room I was so shook. I was so happy I cried, it was the best day of my life. "THE PAC MAN GAME !" I said with excitement. The owner of the arcade place set this all up. since I went to the arcade to play PAC man he watched me since he would see me with smiles and laughter. he would be sad if he took it away from me. THE END.

Task description: I decided to do free writing because I had nothing to do.  This writing is about this little girl named Olivia and I am playing her part. This story is about Olivia and her connection to the PAC man game and how her heart was heart broken when the the game was not there anymore .

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